Last Sunday’s Rebellion pay-per-view from Impact Wrestling appears to have been the most successful pay-per-view for the promotion in several years, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

Based on early data, it’s estimated that Rebellion drew around 9,300 TV pay-per-view buys as of early in this week. There is no data to make an estimation on streaming numbers as of today, but streaming buys were believed to be a much larger number than the 9,300 that TV PPV drew.

Actual buys from streaming providers are not available just yet, but it was noted that the streaming numbers as of the start of Rebellion were ahead of the total number of buys for any Impact show since Anthem purchased the company from Dixie Carter’s group in January 2017, and it was the largest streaming number in company history.

Regarding TV pay-per-view, it was noted that numbers from one major provider shows that Rebellion did almost two times what the Hard To Kill pay-per-view did back in January, plus nine times the paid buys of Bound For Glory last October.

While the number of Hard To Kill 2021 buys was never reported, it was noted just last month that Hard To Kill drew Impact’s second-highest number of pay-per-view buys since the company lost their Spike TV deal in 2014, while last July’s Slammiversary 2020 pay-per-view was the first.

It should be noted that the TV pay-per-view number with late buys for Rebellion should increase another 10% when updated figures are available.

The buys for Rebellion are said to be way ahead of the numbers they were doing for Impact’s last several years on Spike TV, but nowhere near the company’s peak for matches with top stars and Hall of Famers like Sting, Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe.

Rebellion was headlined by the big Title vs. Title main event that saw Rich Swann drop the Impact World Title to Kenny Omega, who now holds the AAA Mega Title, the AEW World Title, and the Impact World Title.

Stay tuned for updates. More data will be available soon and we should have a better idea of the Rebellion streaming buys next week.