Quinn McKay checks in backstage after the usual ROH signature video package. McKay talks about tonight’s match between LSG and Eli Isom.

A recap is shown of Fred Yehi winning the ROH Pure Rules Gauntlet Match recently.

A video package is shown on Brian Johnson and Danhausen.

Brian Johnson and Danhausen make their entrances. Johnson demands the referee remove Danhausen’s towel and jar of teeth from the ring. The referee does so.

Danhausen vs. Brian Johnson

They lock up. Johnson backs Danhausen into the corner. Johnson pushes Danhausen. Danhausen pushes Johnson. Danhausen ducks a clothesline attempt by Johnson. Danhausen takes Johnson to the mat with a headlock takeover. Johnson gets out of it with a head-scissors on Danhausen.

Later in the match, Danhausen hits a hurricanruna on Johnson at ringside. Danhausen rolls Johnson into the ring. Danhausen gets Johnson up into a Fireman’s Carry position. Danhausen inadvertently takes takes out the referee as he spins Johnson around on his shoulders. Danhausen hits Goodnight-Hausen on Johnson. Danhausen pins Johnson, the referee is still down. Johnson rolls to the apron. Johnson spikes Danhausen’s neck on the top rope. Johnson pins Danhausen with his feet on the ropes for leverage. The referee notices after a two count. Danhausen locks in a waist-lock on Johnson. Johnson reverses it into a waist-lock on Danhausen. Danhausen reverses that into another waist-lock on Johnson and pushes him towards the corner, the referee turns around to avoid collision as Johnson kicks Danhausen below the belt. Johnson hits a modified neck-breaker on Danhausen. Johnson pins Danhausen for the three count.

Winner: Brian Johnson

Brian Johnson grabs a microphone after the match. Johnson says that it’s about time that a microphone is put in his hand and it’s about time that he gets the matches that he deserves. Johnson talks about how it’s about time that we enter a Mecccaid of Excellence for Brian Johnson. Johnson says that it’s Mecca versus everybody.

A video package is shown hyping ROH’s upcoming 500th TV episode in two weeks.

A video package is shown on LSG and Eli Isom.

Elis Isom and LSG make their entrances.

Eli Isom vs. LSG

Isom locks in a waist-lock on LSG. They exchange a pair of pin-attempts. They lock up. LSG backs Isom to the corner. Isom eventually hits Emerald Fusion on LSG. Isom pins LSG for a two count. LSG rolls out to the ring apron. Isom connects with a forearm to LSG. Isom hits the ropes. Isom spears LSG through the ropes, planting LSG at ringside. LSG drives Isom into the ringside barrier. LSG gets back in the ring, as does Isom. LSG and Isom exchange forearm strikes. Isom gets a two count with a backslide on LSG. LSG takes Isom to the mat with a double leg takedown on Isom. LSG pins Isom for a two count. Isom goes for a Brainbuster, Isom connects with a knee to get out of it. LSG kicks Isom. LSG goes for the Star-Jammer, Isom backflips out of it. Isom hits a Brainbuster on LSG. Isom pins LSG for the win.

Winner: Eli Isom

ROH’s 500th Episode is plugged as the show comes to a close.