WWE President & Chief Revenue Officer Nick Khan noted earlier this week in an interview that Becky Lynch will be “coming back at a certain point in time in the not too distant future.” The WWE Superstar has been off TV due to her first pregnancy. She and Seth Rollins welcomed their daughter last December.

Yesterday, WWE Now India posted an interview with Rollins and asked if he could divulge any additional information about Lynch’s return. Not wanting to spoil anything, Rollins kept quiet on the subject (h/t ITNWWE for the transcription).

“I can’t say when obviously, I can’t divulge my wife’s secrets,” Rollins said. “That’s bad for me. I gotta be home with her every day, so I wouldn’t wanna upset her. But now, she’s doing great. Obviously, four months postpartum and she’s making incredible strides in her recovery.

“And I suggest you’ll have some sorta update from her sooner than later about when she may return. But she may not. She just surprises. Because she’s full of surprises. So, who knows? But either way, she’s doing great She’s healthy, baby’s healthy. She will be back sooner or later.”

Lynch fueled rumors of a possible WrestleMania return after posting a photo of herself in the gym with “Night One” hidden in the caption.