After tonight’s RAW went off the air, Sonya Deville appeared on RAW Talk to defend her decision to lift the suspension handed to Charlotte Flair by Adam Pearce. Charlotte was suspended indefinitely last week for attacking WWE referee Eddie Orengo.

“I was just trying to do my job,” said Deville. “I honestly thought Adam’s decision [from last week] was a little rushed. He didn’t hear Charlotte out, and made a dramatic decision by suspending one of the biggest stars on RAW. We need to understand that Charlotte is just human and she made a mistake. She has apologized now, and it’s time we all move forward.”

“End of the day, Charlotte is a top star, and why would you want her gone? As a business person, I don’t think that was a smart decision by Adam.”

Deville also apologized to Pearce for making a decision without consulting her fellow WWE official.

“I am trying to do what’s right and fair,” said Deville. “Sorry if Adam thought I tried to undermine him. I’m trying to do what’s best for both brands.”

When asked why she handpicked Mandy Rose as Charlotte’s opponent, Deville said she wanted to bring the best out of her former tag team partner.

“Mandy is always tough competition and I wanted Charlotte to have a good opponent in her return match. This was actually the most intense version I’ve ever seen of Mandy, so it was obviously the right choice.”

It was previously reported that Charlotte was taking time off to get some dental work done. However, it appears as if The Queen is back on RAW for good.