Steve Austin Feels Roman Reigns Can Be A Little Underrated

Wrestling legend Kane is set to officially be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame tonight, although the ceremony actually took place last week.

Speaking with Wrestling Inc. Managing Editor Nick Hausman on the Wrestling Inc. Daily, 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin praised his former opponent, citing this induction as a long time coming.


"Are you kidding me? It's about time!" Austin said. "Well, he's been in the ring a couple of times. No surprise, one of the greatest gimmicks of all time. One of the greatest characters of all time, along with the Undertaker, we all know that. Kane has had an absolutely phenomenal career, with all the transitions he made with that. I had him on Broken Skull Sessions and we had a blast.

"When you see this monster of a man in this mask and this red and black suit, it terrifies you, but when you meet Glenn Jacobs, the man? In the locker room, all the boys are messing around, wasting time before a show as we do, but Glenn's the guy over there reading a book. He's so well-read, so intelligent, such a gentleman. You would be so surprised to know the man versus the character. A great body of work, and very well deserved."


While Austin's in-ring days are behind him, the Texas Rattlesnake notes there are always performers he dreams about mixing it up with.

"There's a lot of guys I wish I got to do business with," Austin said. "There's generational gaps, but you always have those fantasy match-ups. You see what a guy's doing and you think, 'I could have done something with that guy. We could've made something really memorable. I think [Roman's] doing great work. He's a great performer, and sometimes he's a little underrated. He's phenomenal."

Austin reassured he will not be dusting off the boots again, but the Hall of Famer is always good for a celebratory WWE return. Most of those Stone Cold cameos involve messy beer bashes, which Austin joked leads to him using Tide detergent to clean up his clothes.

"After the bashes yes, but when I drink beer at the house I'm not so sloppy," Austin said. "The beer bashes are the show business aspect of Stone Cold Steve Austin inside the WWE ring. I sip quite efficiently when I'm here around the house."

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