Teddy Long Says He Was Told He Is “Too Old” For AEW

WWE Hall of Famer Teddy Long was on a recent episode of The Wrestling Inc. Daily.

During the interview, Wrestling Inc. Managing Editor Nick Hausman asked Long if he's had the opportunity to check out fellow former WWE General Manager Vickie Guerrero in AEW.


"Well, I saw her coming out just one time [managing Nyla Rose]," said Long. "I don't really get the chance to watch much AEW. They told me... I got word that I was too old to be over there [laughs]. If you take a look at that [AEW product], I don't know how they could say that. But I'm just saying what I'm saying."

Long added that he's too occupied with SWE, a wrestling company run by former WWE wrestlers.

"Again, that's what I was told [by AEW]. I basically try to devote all my time to SWE."

When asked to comment on MLW star Salina De La Renta and her Blood Hunter capturing the New Texas Heavyweight Title for SWE, Long heaped praise on Salina.

"She's a great talker. When she's getting ready to do a promo, she always consults me, so I can ensure we're saying the right thing, and putting out the right words on TV. Because you could be in trouble if you're not careful."


"I'm so happy to have Salina [in my promotion] and the Blood Hunter, a newcomer on the scene, is really tough. We found that out during his match with Gangrel. We haven't had a Texas champion in a while. SWE is a throwback to the Texas-style of wrestling. We thought Blood Hunter was the perfect choice."

Long revealed that Salina volunteered to be picked up by Blood Hunter and thrown onto the table for a spot against Gangrel. "That woman is a trooper. Not only that, she understands that she has to do whatever to help SWE. I appreciate everything she's done."

Speaking of SWE, Long thanked WWE Hall of Famer Mark Henry for working behind-the-scenes and sharing knowledge with the talents.

"What I'm trying to do for the young students is...if you're gonna get this, get it right," said Long. "Unlike other schools that just take money but don't really offer anything. My thing is, I am not going to lie to anybody. I just want to do right and be fair. Having Mark Henry, a guy they can trust, is a big opportunity for everyone. We've been talking about bringing on more legends to get involved. I won't reveal the names until they actually come."

You can follow Teddy on Twitter @teddyplayalong. You can find the full audio and video from Teddy's interview below: