The Blue Meanie Questions AEW’s Relationship With Impact: “I Don’t Get It”

ECW original The Blue Meanie was on a recent episode of The Wrestling Inc. Daily.

When asked to share his thoughts on the ongoing partnership between AEW and Impact Wrestling, Meanie was very blunt in questioning whether the deal was benefiting either promotion.

"I just don't get it [the logic behind the partnership]," admitted Meanie. "AEW has the upper hand. AEW should worry about being AEW. Look, I love every performer who laces up their boots for Impact, but I just don't get Impact. Again, this is nothing against the performers, but it seems like wherever Impact goes, other companies suffer [laughs]. You know, 'the owl company' [Anthem] took over and they had to gut a whole part of their company [AXS TV], and so many of my friends lost their jobs up in Canada."

Meanie joked that Impact has a dark cloud hovering over it which disrupts the progress of other companies.

"AXS TV was doing well before Impact came around," said Meanie. "They had a deal with NJPW and were doing some cool stuff. I just feel like Impact brings with it a dark cloud that negatively impacts any company that comes into contact with them. Hopefully, it doesn't rub off on AEW, because I want AEW to focus on them, and not get distracted from furthering their own product."

When Wrestling Inc. Managing Editor Nick Hausman questioned the thought process behind AEW World Champion Kenny Omega getting involved in Impact storylines, Meanie agreed that Omega appearing on Impact has been a letdown.

"Taking Omega out of the AEW sphere does not benefit Omega," said Meanie. "He should strictly be just AEW. The AEW World Championship should be the crown jewel of AEW programming. His matches should be saved just for PPVs. I don't remember seeing Hulk Hogan wrestling on TV every week. Omega is a phenomenal athlete with great charisma. Keep him on TV but save his bumps for the specials."

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