WWE 24: The Miz is now available on-demand on Peacock in the U.S. (WWE Network everywhere else). WWE posted a clip from the episode of when Miz forgot his lines during a live episode of RAW.

Back in 2006, Miz got his first hosting gig for the WWE Diva Search (where he met Maryse) and had to hype the crowd for it during RAW. When he went to tell the audience where to vote, he forgot the phone number.

“I did the Diva Search casting special, and then we brought them into the ring,” Miz recalled. “There’s no cue cards, there’s no teleprompter. It’s just in your memory and you need to go, go, go. We were live, by the way, so you don’t get a second take. A cold sweat came over me and my entire mind went blank. And I could hear the audience — you can feel an audience drain out and know that you are messing up.

“The most important thing I had to remember was the phone number — and I forgot it. So, I looked on my wrist. I was sweating so much that it erased off my wrist. I remember going backstage and thinking, ‘I am going to get fired.’  I walk back, I went over to Vince and I’m like, ‘I am so sorry, I apologize. This will never happen again. I will make sure it won’t happen again’ and he goes, ‘I know it won’t happen again.’

“He took me aside, and said, ‘Bullet points, kid. You need to learn bullet points and I know you will do better next time because you’ll have to do it next Friday.’ So it was like, ‘Oh, I’m not fire.'”

You can see the full clip in the video below.

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