Below are highlights from the latest Being the Elite:

* Matt Hardy talks about forming the Hardy Family Office and destroying the Dark Order over the past couple weeks. He tells the group their days are numbered and they committed blasphemy when they helped Hangman Page take his money.

* Dark Order hangout, The group took about what happened to them against Matt Hardy Office. Tipsy Page listens in. Reynolds says he heard from John Silver and his shoulder is okay…and also, he’s pregnant. 5 comes in and says as long as he keeps his shrimp d*** on ice, he can get it reattached (the group “cut” it off last week). Dark Order suddenly notices Tay Conti is in the room, sitting typically where Anna Jay would be. The group says she’s always been there, Grayson argues with them that Tay has not always just sat there. He throws 5’s manhood at Evil Uno, 10 stomps on it, 5 yells for a very long time.

* Karl Anderson and Kenny Omega celebrate their big win and want to talk with Doc Gallows. They go to “too sweet” Doc, and he’s apparently blind. Anderson says he’s been gone for an hour after their match and realizes Doc has been masturbating, “I thought that was a myth!” Anderson says. Karl says they are gonna start losing again and leaves. Doc still wants to party as he crashes around the hallway.

* Clips shown of Arcade Anarchy from last week’s Dynamite.

* Promo from last week’s show of Matt Jackson and Don Callis is shown. Callis ended up slapping Matt, to try and get a reaction, but Matt doesn’t really do anything. Callis calls Matt “pathetic” in the segment. Cut to backstage, Matt is holding his jaw. Nick asks him what’s wrong with his jaw? Matt says they need to go for a walk and have a talk. Cut back to the ring when The Young Bucks go out to the ring with Jon Moxley  to face off with Omega and The Good Brothers on Dynamite.

* With Callis’ words playing in the background about The Young Bucks not being who they once were, Matt and Nick are each getting ready in front of a mirror. The brothers look in the mirror as we see clips from previous years about them winning titles and showing a different attitude.