Tracy Williams Talks Being ‘Tracy 2 Belts’ and First TV Title Defense

Tracy Williams became "Tracy 2 Belts" at Ring of Honor's 19th Anniversary show by winning the television championship and the tag team titles with fellow Foundation member Rhett Titus. The importance of the memorable evening is not lost on the veteran.


"It's an unreal feeling in a way. Almost totally unheard of to do in not only Ring of Honor but wrestling," Williams said. "To have that under my belt so to speak is very cool. It means a lot to be put out there and have two title matches in one night. It does show a certain amount of trust, which is not something to be taken lightly.

"That's a huge thing in wrestling is knowing you're able to deliver. On that night, thankfully, I did. At least as far as the 'W”s go. I delivered. It's a huge deal for me. It feels surreal also because without an audience there it has a weird feeling anyway. It feels like a weird dream you have where it's not your normal wrestling event."

Celebrating was limited due to COVID of course and being in the ROH "Bubble," which includes very strict safety protocols. Though "Hot Sauce" did find a way to mark the occasion.


"You're so tired about what you've done, you go into autopilot. You just want to take a warm shower and lay down," Williams said. "All I did was crack open a few hotel bar IPAs in the room and try to ice my back."

The star is proud to see success while flying the pure wrestling flag. A passion shared by his tag team partner Titus, who last won the gold in 2012 with Kenny King. Despite only having a handful of matches together, Williams can feel an organic connection.

"It's a really good example of what we're trying to do with the Foundation. What it's all about. We're trying to take the power and put it back in the hands of the wrestlers who can deliver and wrestlers who are passionate about what they do," he said. "Not necessarily let that power be taken by people who politic their way to the top or cheat their way to the top.

"Then there are wrestlers who just work hard and want to do the best they can and have the best matches and have the best results. Those wrestlers are not always rewarded. Rhett is a great example of someone who has been working hard for so long and has  been rewarded. Not  because he takes shortcuts and doesn't have that attitude where he has to play dirty. Teaming with someone like that and trying to see what we can do with just our wrestling without politics and be the best wrestling tag team we can be and showing that gets the job done. It means a lot. Rhett is someone who is the perfect example of someone we are trying to spotlight with the Fondation. It has been a great run."


Williams also takes pride in wearing the television championship. His first defense comes this weekend against Tony Deppen on ROH TV. Someone he has a history facing.

"I usually would know what to expect getting in the ring with Tony Deppen because we've had several matches before. We've wrestled in high school gyms and nightclubs. We've done the rounds and fought each other a bunch. He is someone I enjoy fighting because there is this rage that comes out of me where I want to whoop on him. He is fun to beat up. At the same time, Tony has taken a new direction.

"These guys are coming into Ring of Honor. Specifically Violence Unlimited, who he has aligned himself with them. Maybe we have a whole new Tony Deppen I'm in the ring with..He has turned a new leaf and reevaluated his gameplan. Maybe playing to his craziness. It still means a lot to have a television world title match on television for Ring of Honor with someone like Tony Deppen. I think it does represent the style of the independents and represents what makes it so great. Now he is here in Ring of Honor to show that to the world.

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