Triple H Says He Talked To CM Punk In The Past Two Years

Triple H appeared on Barstool Sports' "Pardon My Take" podcast this morning to promote WrestleMania 37 Week and revealed that he spoke with former WWE Champion CM Punk within the last two years.

Punk signed a contract with FOX Sports to work the WWE Backstage show in the fall of 2019, as a part-time analyst. Triple H indicated that he may have talked with Punk around that time. He was asked when he last spoke with Punk.


"Last time I talked to [Punk]? A year and a half... a year and three quarters ago?," Triple H answered. "A funny thing that people constantly will say, when his return is or... but in some way, I don't know whether he does or not, but that has to be what he wants. When people talk about, they go, 'Make the call!' What says if we make the call he wants to answer? What says if we make the call he doesn't go, like, 'Yeah, I'm not interested in doing that anymore.' Maybe he's just done with it.

"I think that those are conversations that only those people can directly answer. I think if he wants to do it, either we would get word and we would have those conversations or he would make a call, or you know, anything like that, but there has to be a desire there to do something like that. This business is too all in to just go like, 'Ehhh, alright, I'll do it.'"


Triple H was later asked about possibly taking Punk's call. He said he can't think of anyone int he business that he wouldn't take a phone call from and have a conversation with. He also indicated that Punk had the chance to return to WWE while working with FOX Sports on the Backstage studio show that was nixed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

"CM Punk worked with us on the FOX show, what, a year ago? There was opportunities there," Triple H said. "There were people around each other at all times. You know, again, I'll never say never but the desire needs to be there on all sides to make that happen."

Punk, who has been gone from WWE since 2014, has insisted multiple times that he is not interested in working with WWE again.