Paul “Triple H” Levesque and Shawn Michaels were on the NXT “Takeover: Stand and Deliver” post-game media call. They spoke on the major title change at the show and on NCAA Champion and Dan Hodge Trophy Winner Gable Stevenson’s appearance on the show. Wrestling Inc. Managing Editor Nick Hausman asked what Stevenson’s WWE status is, especially with the Summer Olympics on the horizon.

“Gable came here tonight, enjoyed the show as a guest [and] had his dad with him. He just won the NCAA National Championship and qualified for the Olympics, and that is a big task at hand,” Triple H noted. “Huge fan of what we do. We’ve been talking for a long time and reached out, wanted to come out, see Takeover [and] see WrestleMania, and we’ll see where it goes.

“I would hate to say to a guy who’s a junior in college, ‘Let’s make some decisions in the moment while you try to get ready for the Olympics.’ Let’s focus on one wonderful thing at a time. He’s got a bright future in anything he decides to do, but he’s a massive fan of what we do, and I am a massive fan, as well all are, of what he can bring to the table here. And if he does make the decision to come here and want to become a WWE Superstar, I have no doubt he will do it, do it in record time and be amazing at it.”

Triple H was also asked if there have been any Performance Center recruits that have stood out to him. Triple H explained how things have changed as they are able to open up the Performance Center more.

“A lot of those guys are moonlighting at a security company next door, and we’re using them as security on a fairly regular basis,” Triple H joked. “Look, if you got 6’0, 200 pound guys standing next to you, you might as well use them for security. It’s been about a year and a half we didn’t have the facility to train and keeping people healthy because of the Capitol Center. Our TV facility was our training center, and we lost all that.

“Just recently, we’ve been able to start that again and be able to start training on a large basis, but when you start to look at that from a year and a half ago, there were moments where you were going, oof, there’s some talent, but you constantly want the veterans the people that are TV ready, and almost TV ready, and then not quite TV ready and people that are just getting started. They’re just stepping in the ring for the first time.

“You’re constantly building that upward trajectory, and when you started to look at the bottom of it, it was pretty thin, but that was mostly because COVID prevented us from bringing people in. All of sudden, they all come in at once, and when you start looking at some of the athletes that are walking in the door here, it’s impressive. This crop, I can tell you right now, they’re all full of personality. They’ve all got massive amount of charisma, and they’re all just crazy athletes. I’m talking about men and women.”

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