Wade Barrett Teases Potential WWE In-Ring Return

During an interview with fellow NXT Commentator Vic Joseph for WWE After the Bell, Wade Barett discussed getting the call to return to WWE after spending almost five years away from the company.

Barrett spent years in WWE, becoming the first winner of NXT, winning the King of the Ring and being the leader of the infamous Nexus. Barrett talked about his transition from the wrestling ring to the commentary table, saying he always envisioned doing commentary when he retired from wrestling.

"It was always a career goal of mine from way back to be an announcer," Barrett said. "I always thought I'd do it one day after I retired. I was lucky enough in 2008 under the tutelage of Dusty Rhodes, who was one of my mentors for Florida Championship Wrestling, I did the commentary for the FCW TV show, the developmental version of WWE back then. I always knew I wanted to be an announcer one day, fortunately this opportunity came up for me at the right time, got a call from Michael Cole, invited me along and it's been a lot of fun ever since."

Barrett left WWE in 2016 to focus on his acting career, but said he would eventually come back to wrestling once he felt the time was right. He said that he always knew one day he'd be back because of the impact he left during his in-ring career.

"It is very hard to ever really leave WWE," Barrett said. "If you have a significant enough career here, you always think you're going to come back. I left with a pretty bad taste in my mouth at the time, I needed some time away but time is a great healer. Things move around, things change in life and indeed in WWE. The spot that was offered to me to come back was kind of the perfect role for me in WWE and I've enjoyed everything about it ever since."

For Barrett, he hasn't wrestled since leaving WWE in 2016. Barrett continued to tease a WWE in-ring return one say, saying maybe he's not done for good either.

"Hey, I'm all about the big paydays Mr. Joseph," Barrett said. "It will not take much to remove me from the seat next to you and get back in the ring. I will say, very much enjoying my job with NXT but I have always made sure there's at least a little bit left in the tank."

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