AEW is reportedly filming a significant amount of content to help prepare for potential future plans.

A topic of discussion each week is how the AEW Dark and Elevation episodes are loaded up with so many matches. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that the idea right now is to build up as much content as possible.

It was noted that taping so many hours of content enables AEW to look at more talent and basically serves as a developmental system, but also the number of hours over the course of the next few years will enable the company to either set up their own streaming platform, or potentially get a major streaming company to look at buying their content, as WWE has done with Peacock and the WWE Network.

The idea behind that is to have enough hours of content that they could one day lease it out for enough money that it will become a major stable revenue stream.

AEW is expected to add another hour of in-ring TV content to their TNT line-up some time later this year. That show will join Dynamite, Dark and Elevation as AEW’s weekly offerings.

Stay tuned for more.