WrestleMania 37 Actual Attendance News, How Much Money WWE Generated From Tickets

WWE reportedly had 40,806 individual ticket sales for WrestleMania 37, according to Tampa Sports Authority records via Brandon Thurston of Wrestlenomics. TSA is the entity that manages Raymond James Stadium.

These 40,806 individual ticket sales generated $6.2 million for the big event.

WWE previously announced 25,675 fans for Night One of WrestleMania 37 and 25,675 fans for Night Two. They went into the show with a capacity of 25,000 each night, meaning that both nights were sold out, based on the announced attendance numbers.

The actual attendance based on these Tampa Sports Authority records says otherwise. Night One was attended by 18,328 fans while Night Two was attended by 18,924 people.

Paid ticket sales for each night were slightly higher due to more than 3,000 tickets for each night that were distributed, but did not reach the gates. This could be due to an overeager secondary ticket market. Night One drew 20,172 ticket sales while Night Two drew 20,634 ticket sales.

The records from TSA did not confirm the 25,000 person capacity, but if that is correct, then it looks like WrestleMania 37 fell short of selling out on both nights.

The attendance revenue of $6.2 million breaks down to $3.1 million in admission for Night One, and $3.2 million in admission for Night Two. This figure splits sales of the two-day combo ticket packages evenly between the two nights.

WWE sold 7,952 two-day combo packages, and all of those were for stadium seating, not suites. Night One had 11,964 stadium seating tickets while Night Two had 12,503 stadium seating tickets sold specifically for that night. WWE offered single night and the two-night combo tickets but fans could have bought separate single night tickets and still attended either night.

WWE sold an additional 256 suite tickets on Night One, and 179 suite tickets for Night Two.

The average price of sold tickets for both nights was $190, which is well below that of recent WrestleMania shows before the COVID-19 pandemic. WrestleMania 35 in 2019 had an average ticket price of between $248 and $292.

The WrestleMania 37 gate also fell short of ticket revenue from full-capacity events since 2012, but brought in more ticket revenue than WrestleMania 27 from Atlanta in 2011, and WrestleMania 26 from Phoenix in 2010. These figures are not adjusted for inflation.

You can read the full Wrestlenomics report at this link, or view the TSA records via their Patreon page.