Randy Orton vs. “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt

We go right to the ring for tonight’s opener and out comes Randy Orton to a big pop as Mike Rome does the introductions. Orton slowly walks to the stage, wearing white and red gear, and plays to the crowd before walking down the ramp. He jokes about potentially slipping on the ramp. Orton finally enters the ring and hits the corner to pose for another pop as more pyro and fireworks go off. Cole sends us to a lengthy video package on this feud. We see “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt backstage in a wild looking corridor. He starts walking and flames appear around him. He briefly disappears and walks out of the flames, now appearing with his old Fiend look. We cut back to the open air of the stadium and “Let Me In” appears in the sky in red letters, apparently using drones. The Firefly Fun House music now starts up as Alexa Bliss makes her way out, skipping and twirling down the ramp while Orton looks on from the ring. Bliss is all smiles and laughing while Orton seethes. Bliss approaches a huge version of her jack in the box at ringside. She’s excited to see the box. Bliss starts turning the large handle of the box as “Pop Goes the Weasel” plays. The stadium is covered in red lights now as a sinister music plays. Bliss keeps turning the handle as The Fiend starts to rise out of the box, staring Orton down. The Fiend’s music is playing now. He plays to the crowd on top of the box after shutting the lid.

The Fiend suddenly leaps from the top of the box to the ring, nailing a flying clothesline on Orton. The bell rings as Fiend goes to work on Orton, laughing and shrieking behind the mask. Fiend keeps Orton down and stares straight ahead, yelling out a loud “Yowie! Wowie!” for a pop.

Wyatt turns upside down in the corner for another pop. The red light is still covering the stadium. Wyatt waits for Orton to get up. He slowly gets up but immediately slides to the floor to regroup. Fiend follows but Orton decks him and slams him on top of the announce table. Fiend pops right back up and rocks Orton, then applies the Mandible Claw.

The hold is broken and Orton brings it in, nailing his signature draping DDT. Fiend comes right back and they go at it. Fiend apparently hits the box at ringside and goes down. Orton nails another draping DDT and this time Fiend doesn’t come right back up. Orton stomps but Fiend is still getting up, on his knees now. Orton with several rights to the head now. Fiend just growls and stands up. He charges but Orton rocks him. Orton charges but Fiend clotheslines him. They both run at each other and Fiend collides with the crossbody. Fiend mounts Orton with strikes on the mat now.

Fiend goes for a senton but Orton rolls out of the way. Fiend charges and Orton sends him through the ropes to the floor. Fiend comes right back to the apron but Orton kicks him several times. Orton with a third draping DDT. Orton smiles and gets back up without covering for the pin. Orton drops to the mat and stalks Fiend now, pounding the mat. Fiend gets up and blocks the RKO, applying the Mandible Claw. Orton goes down to his knees in the hold.

Fiend turns Orton over and kisses his forehead as flames rise up from the ring pot. We see Bliss sitting on top of the box now. She has the black ooze pouring all over her head. Fans chant “holy s--t!” as Fiend stares at her. Orton comes from behind and drops Fiend with the RKO for the pin to win.

Winner: Randy Orton

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