Pro wrestling veteran and former WWE Producer Lance Storm took to Twitter this week and wrote about why he had to turn the WrestleMania 37 Night Two main event off.

Storm noted that he was into the match, which saw WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns retain over Daniel Bryan and WWE Hall of Famer Edge, until the camera work gave him dizzy headaches.

“Legit had to turn off the Main Event. Was loving the match but I get dizzy headaches from all the camera cuts and shaking. I can’t watch it. [pouting/angry emoji],” he wrote.

Matt Farmer responded that he’d heard similar complaints, and that this style of production is a huge distraction and a big turn off. Storm responded and said it was a literal turn off for him as he had to cut ‘Mania off at that point.

“Sadly it’s a literal turn off for me. I had to turn the show off,” Storm wrote.

Another fan commented on how he gets dizzy and nauseous from the frequent camera cuts on RAW and SmackDown, comparing it to a bad amusement park ride.

Storm responded, “Yup exactly how I feel.”

Another fan noted that the bad camera work was much more noticeable in the Edge vs. Bryan vs. Reigns match. Storm responded and said the double submission is where he had to flip the switch.

“When Edge was bouncing Roman from barricade to apron back and forth it was bad then after then double submission I couldn’t take it,” Storm wrote.

Numerous fans agreed with Storm in the replies of his tweets, and reported similar issues. You can see the full tweets below: