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Tom Phillips and Nigel McGuinness welcome us to another edition of 205 Live. We kick things off with one of the two tag team matches scheduled for tonight!

Jake Atlas & August Grey vs. The Bollywood Boyz

August Grey and Sunil Singh begin the match. Both men go straight for a collar and elbow tie-up. Sunil takes the lead by turning it into a side headlock. Grey throws Sunil towards the ropes. Sunil springboards off the ropes and sends Grey off his feet with another side headlock takedown. Both men exchange submissions on the mat. Sunil and Grey fist bump before they tag in their partners.

Samir Singh looks for a backslide on Jake Atlas. Atlas pops free. Seconds later, Samir goes for the exact pin. Atlas shoves him off. Samir flies out of the ring and grasps onto his knee. Atlas goes to work on the midsection with a body scissors lockup. Atlas brings Grey back in. Grey throws Samir face-first in one corner and sternum first in the other corner. Grey tries to apply a powerslam, but Samir escapes and makes a tag to Sunil. Atlas is back in, too.

Sunil clashes into Atlas with a spinning heel kick. Cover. Grey comes in and breaks it up. Sunil comes crashing down from off the top rope with a perfect elbow drop! Sunil covers. Atlas kicks out. Atlas makes a tag out to Grey. Grey comes storming in with a nasty superkick to the side of Sunil’s face. Grey comes springing off the top with a perfect corkscrew crossbody! 1-2-3. Grey picks up the win.

Winners: August Grey & Jake Atlas

Post-Match: Ariya Daivari and Tony Nese make their way out. They take a look over at Grey and Atlas. Daivari and Nese will be in action next!

-Before the main event, we take a look back at the six-man tag team main event that took place on this past Wednesday’s NXT. The Cruiserweight Champion Kushida and the NXT Tag Team Champions MSK found themselves on the losing end against Legado del Fantasma.

And now, the main event!

Tony Nese & Ariya Daivari vs. Ever-Rise

Matt Martel and Tony Nese kick things off. Nese comes in hot with several forearm strikes. Martel returns the favor with a midsection kick. Nese makes a tag out to Ariya Daivari. Daivari stomps Martel down and makes another quick tag out to Nese again. Nese rains down shots while Martel is down. Nese cuts off the ring and brings Daivari back in. Daivari drives Martel face-first into the top turnbuckle. Daivari looks for a tag. Martel kicks out.

Daivari applies a leg bar on Martel as he makes a tag to Nese. Nese plants a big knee to the face. Nese drops on top of Martel with a big splash for a near-fall count. Daivari makes his way back in. Daivari slams Martel face-first into another turnbuckle before rolling him up with a chinlock. Martel runs the ropes and eats a massive dropkick for a two count. Daivari then goes over to Ever-Rise’s corner and attacks Chase Parker. As Daivari turns around, he gets caught with a textbook DDT.

On the outside, Nese throws Parker from off the apron. Nese becomes the legal man in the match. Nese slingshots over the rope and drives Martel’s throat towards the top rope. Nese then soars off the ropes with a beautiful moonsault! Daivari was tagged in before the slingshot from Nese happened. Daivari jumps on top of Martel with a perfect dive! Parker makes his way into the ring. The referee didn’t see the tag between Nese and Daivari, so Nese is still the legal man. Parker connects a Gory Bomb, followed by a swinging neckbreaker from off the top rope! Both him and Nese go crashing down!


Martel is back in, and so is Daivari. Daivari flips Martel with a snapmare. Nese is back. Nese takes to the skies with a 450 Splash for just a two count! Martel creates some space with a heavy forearm and chop combination. Daivari gets knocked off the apron. Martel hits a perfect powerbomb on Nese, then locks him in a Boston Crab. Nese is close to tapping. Daivari makes his way in and hits Martel with a superkick. Ever-Rise unites with a drop toehold/senton combination! On the outside, Nese clocks Martel with a big left hand. Ever-Rise hits their Sweet Taste finisher for the pinfall victory on the OG’s of 205!


Winners: Ever-Rise

That concludes this week’s episode. Thanks for watching!