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Andy Shepherd and Niguel McGuinness welcome fans to WWE NXT UK! A highlight video shows all the UK Superstars and their recent matches on NXT TakeOver: Stand & DeliverWrestleMania 37 and NXT UK: Prelude. We draw our attention back to the ring for the first match on the card!

Nathan Frazer vs. Saxon Huxley

Nathan Frazer kicks things off with a go behind on Saxon Huxley. Huxley grabs hold of Frazer and tosses him halfway across the ring! Frazer gets caught with an attempted crossbody from off the ropes. Huxley hoists Frazer up. Frazer breaks free with some knee shots. Huxley violently throws Frazer two more times before repeatedly smashing Frazer’s head into the mat. Huxley cranks Frazer’s head back. Frazer fights out with several elbow shots, but Huxley catches him with a lethal right hand.

Frazer shifts the momentum with a crossbody from off the turnbuckle. Frazer then plunges through the middle rope with a lightning dive! Huxley’s body smashes into the guardrail. Back in the ring, Frazer counters Huxley with a springboard neckbreaker and a high missile dropkick. Frazer heads up to the top rope again and plants Huxley with a frog splash. Frazer secures the pinfall victory!


Winner: Nathan Frazer

Backstage: A reporter asks Noam Dar how he feels after coming up short against Tyler Bate last week for a shot at the Heritage Cup Championship. Sha Samuels tries to talk for Dar. Dar tells Samuels he has an important announcement to make. Next week, Dar and Samuels will face Moustache Mountain in tag action!

Speaking of Noam Dar, it’s time for “Supernova Sessions!” Dar’s guest this week is Gallus. Since they’ve been away, all three members report that they’ve been honing their crafts in Scotland. Dar mentions that another guest is about to make his way on the show. It’s Eddie Dennis. Eddie Dennis thinks Gallus has been dodging The Hunt. Joe Coffey says if that’s the case, why not fight tonight. Dennis says them he isn’t dressed to fight, but his guys are. The Hunt ambush Gallus from behind. A big brawl ensues. Dar says that’s all the time he has for today.


Outside: Sam Gradwell is having a hard time getting into the BT Sport Studio.

– Mustache Mountain is looking forward to reassembling and squaring off with Noam Dar and Sha Samuels next week.

Emilia McKenzie vs. Isla Dawn

Both women kick things off with an aggressive collar and elbow tie-up. Isla Dawn shoves Emilia McKenzie towards the corner. Isla breaks the hold with a slap across Emilia’s face. Emilia holds on tight to Isla – she’s looking for a German Suplex. Isla runs towards the ropes and counters with a massive dropkick, then a big backbreaker. Isla charges toward Emilia with a powerful kick to the midsection. Isla looks for a cover, and Emilia breaks free at two.

Isla grips onto Emilia’s arms. Emilia fights free with a dropkick. Emilia misses a forearm smash in the corner. Emilia scopes the ropes and fakes Isla out with a massive spear at two. Isla quickens the pace with an exploding suplex at two. Emilia gets her offense back on point with another suplex for a close near-fall! Emilia dominates Isla with a flurry of punches. Isla escapes the corner with a high back kick before dropping Emilia on her head. She folds Emilia up and gains the pinfall victory.


Winner: Isla Dawn

– Jinny calls Dani Luna out for a match next week. Also set for next week, Eddie Dennis and Joe Coffey will collide in singles action.

– We look back to last week when Aoife Valkyrie laid a feather down on the ramp while staring Meiko Satomura down. Meiko informs Aoife she knows what she wants, and she accepts her challenge.

Jack Starz (w/Piper Niven) vs. Ashton Smith

Ashton Smith looks for a go behind with a waistlock. Jack Starz turns it around into a mat takedown. Starz lands two big dropkicks. Smith catches Starz during his second dropkick attempt with an arm lock. Starz escapes with a rollup on Smith. Smith kicks out at two. Smith smashes Starz with a clothesline. Cover. Starz, surprisingly, kicks out! Smith looks for another pin. Starz kicks out again. Smith lands a forearm smash for a two count.

Smith eats an elbow in the corner. Starz flies off the ropes. Smith catches him and tosses Starz up and over the top rope. Piper Niven provides Starz with some words of encouragement before he slides back into the ring. Smith decks Starz under the chin with two massive uppercuts. Starz tosses Smith over his head! Starz tilt-a-whirls around and over Smith, rolling him up. 1-2-3. Starz picks up the win!

Winner: Jack Starz

– Before their main event match, we look at what led former tag partners Amir Jordan and Kenny Williams to go from being on the same page to becoming each other’s rivals.

Amir Jordan vs. Kenny Williams

Amir Jordan rushes down the ramp and tells the referee to ring the bell. Jordan and Kenny Williams exchange heavy blows. Their fight makes its way to the outside. Jordan smashes Williams face-first on the apron. Williams whips Jordan over towards the steel stairs. Jordan catches himself and side steps in time before Willaims catches him. Williams goes tumbling towards the stairs. Back in the ring, Jordan looks for the first pin in the match. Williams kicks out.

Jordan dropkicks Williams to the outside again. Williams catches Jordan on the apron with a flurry of kicks, sending his former friend to fly off the apron. Williams clocks Jordan in the jaw. Cover. Jordan kicks out. Williams repeats the same formula. He finds out it gave him the same results – a kick out from Jordan. Williams rolls Jordan up with a snapmare and drills his knee into the back of Jordan. Then, he tries to bend Jordan’s arms back with a straitjacket.

Williams perches Jordan up on the top rope. Jordan creates some space with a powerful slap before connecting a dropkick! Jordan lays a flurry of forearms for just a two count. Jordan rushes to the top rope again and hits a beautiful senton for just another two count! Jordan is flustered. Both men go back and forth with rollups. Both men crash into each other in the center of the ring.


Williams shifts the momentum with a facebuster. Cover, 1-2, Jordan stays alive. Jordan catches Williams with a mule kick and then a superkick for another near-fall. Williams adjusts the middle turnbuckle, and Jordan crashes shoulder-first into it. Williams gets the final move in by smashing Jordan’s face into the mat. Kenny Williams gets the last laugh and victory over his former tag partner.


Winner: Kenny Williams

That concludes this week’s episode. Thanks for watching!