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Andy Shepherd and Niguel McGuinness welcome fans to WWE NXT UK! We kick things off with some women’s single action!

Aoife Valkyrie vs. Stevie Turner

Both women go right for a collar and elbow tie-up. Aoife Valkyrie turns it into a tightly gripped side headlock. Valkyrie sends Stevie Turner towards the ropes. Turner spins it around with a deep arm drag and then an attempted pin. Turner focuses on Valkyrie’s left arm. Valkyrie rises to her feet and lands a big dropkick in the center of the ring! Turner catches Valkyrie’s leg and repeatedly kicks the back of her knee. Valkyrie tries to break free from the brutal assault with a roll through, but she gets trapped again by Turner.

Turner eats a boot in the corner. Valkyrie was close to getting a three count after catching Turner with an enziguri from off the middle rope! Valkyrie stays on top of Turner, but Turner switches it up with offense from off the ropes. Turner fires up Valkyrie after landing two kicks. Valkyrie grabs her and lands a beautiful roundhouse kick before heading to the top and planting a massive leg drop. Valkyrie goes for a pin. 1-2-3. Aoife Valkyrie continues her undefeated streak.


Winner: Aoife Valkyrie

– Before Tyler Bate and Noam Dar vie for A-Kid’s Heritage Cup Championship, we hear from the champion himself. He is excited to watch Bate and Dar collide for a shot at this title.

– At the NXT Performance Center, Piper Niven gets Jack Starz fired up during his in-ring training session.

Josh Morrell vs. Teoman

Josh Morrell and Teoman exchange textbook counter just after the bell rings. Morrell breaks it up by shoving Teoman in the corner. Morrell cleanly backs away from Teoman. Teoman plants a vicious slap to escape from out of the corner. Next, Teoman lays out Morrell with a basement Superman punch! After, Teoman starts cranking on Morrell’s neck. Morrell fights his way out. Teoman catches him with a springboard back elbow for just a two count!

Morrell rocks Teoman briefly with a series of shots. Teoman returns the favor, but Morrell pushes him down on the mat! Morrell follows through with a hip toss, followed by a cover. Teoman pops free at two. Morrell rolls him up again – same results. Teoman gets his knees just before Morrell lands a standing moonsault. Teoman finds himself with the upper hand again when he punishes Morrell with a massive double stomp from off the top rope. Teoman climbs over onto Morrell and locks him up with a crossface. Morrell taps out. Teoman wins via submission.


Winner: Teoman

Backstage: Sid Scala sits down with the NXT UK Champion WALTER and his opponent Rampage Brown before their colossal matchup next Thursday. WALTER informs Brown that he is not intimidated by him; he sees him as just another challenger who will fail to defeat him. Brown says that WALTER is full of himself. WALTER tells Brown that he does not respect him and that he’ll never understand what it’s like to be the champion. Both men stare each other down before the show goes to commercials.

– We check back in on Gallus, who are still training for their in-ring come back soon.

Up next, the NXT UK Women’s Champion Kay Lee Ray makes her way down to the ring. She compliments the higher up’s in NXT UK for bringing her Meiko Satomura. Since she beat her, she wants more competition. In comes Millie McKenzie, who hasn’t been on NXT UK in almost two years! Millie warns Ray that their paths are going to cross soon for the title. Ray flashes a devilish smile as Isla Dawn runs down and ambushes Millie. Seconds later, Satomura charges down to the ring and clashes with Ray. Ray and Dawn quickly escape out of the ring before things continue to escalate.

– After, we view a video package showcasing the strides both Noam Dar and Tyler Bate have made to get this NXT UK Heritage Cup Qualification match for next week.

– Following their little incident moments ago, Sid Scala informs Kay Lee Ray and Isla Dawn that they’ll be facing Millie McKenzie and Meiko Satomura next week at NXT UK: Prelude! Preceding that, Andy Shepherd and Niguel McGuinness run through all the matches fans can expect to see on next week’s show!

And now, the main event!

NXT UK Tag Team Championship: Pretty Deadly (c) vs. Kenny Williams & Amir Jordan

Amir Jordan and Lewis Howley kick things off. Howley turns a collar and elbow tie-up into a tight wrist lock. Howley drags Amir over and makes a tag to Sam Stoker. Stoker throws Amir face-first towards the top turnbuckle. Amir escapes out of another corner and drops the tag champion. Stoker runs out of the ring, slides back in, and then tags Howley back in. Amir Jordan makes a tag over to Kenny Williams. Howley and Kenny find themselves in a shoving contest at first. That changes as Howley focuses on an arm lockup.

Williams reverses the hold by locking up Howley’s legs. Howley and Williams rise to their feet. Howley sends Williams flying through the air with a big hip toss. Howley then makes a tag out to Stoker. Williams escapes out of Stoker’s control for a tag to Amir Jordan. Jordan comes in briefly and applies an arm lock. Williams is back in and continues working on the champion’s arm before bringing Amir back in. Stoker climbs over towards his corner for a tag. Their brawl spills on both sides. Williams lands a beautiful missile dropkick on Stoker just before the break.

Back from the break, Amir Jordan and Howley are the legal men. Howley decks Jordan with two vicious back elbows. Amir chases Howley out of the ring but eats a massive clothesline from Stoker! Stoker is back in. He continues the onslaught before bringing Howley back in. Howley comes in with a heavy uppercut on Amir. Next, Pretty Deadly plant double elbow drops on Amir. Stoker looks for a pin. Will this be enough? No! Amir pops out of the pin at two. Stoker catches Amir with a neckbreaker before getting Howley back in.


Just as the referee turns his back, Stoker helps Howley keep Amir Jordan down. After take some brutal blows, Amir finally makes a tag out to Kenny Williams. Kenny comes in red hot with a series of stomps and a bulldog on Stoker. Williams accidentally gets caught by midair after soaring off from a crossbody. Stoker has Williams up. Williams turns it around with a hurricanrana. Williams has Stoker rolled up. 1-2- Howley runs in and breaks it up! Pretty Deadly join forces with their Double Sword finisher. It still is not enough to keep Williams and Jordan down. Williams slams Howley on the mat with a beautiful DDT. Williams looks for a cover, and Howley kicks out at 2.5!

Following that, Amir Jordan gets clocked with a massive DDT. The match gets wild when Pretty Deadly accidentally knocks into the referee. While the ref is down, Kenny Williams throws Amir Jordan the NXT UK Tag Team Titles and tells Amir Jordan to use them on Pretty Deadly. Amir refuses. Williams takes one of the titles and smashes it across Amir’s back. Then he heads out of the ring. Pretty Deadly take advantage of his fallout with their Spilled Milk finisher. 1-2-3. Pretty Deadly retain their titles!

Winners & Still NXT UK Tag Team Champions: Pretty Deadly

That concludes this week’s episode. Thanks for watching. We’ll see you next week for NXT UK: Prelude at 3 PM ET!