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Andy Shepherd and Niguel McGuinness welcome fans to NXT UK: Prelude! We kick things off with a highly anticipated No. 1 Contender match to determine who will become the next challenger for A-Kid’s Heritage Cup Championship!

Heritage Cup Rules: Tyler Bate (w/Trent Seven) vs. Noam Dar (w/Sha Samuels)

Round 1:

Just before the match gets going, A-Kid appears on the screen and wishes both men luck. The bell rings, both men go straight for a collar and elbow tie-up. Tyler Bate backs Noam Dar towards the ropes. Bate breaks it up while Dar strikes back a heavy slap. Back in the center of the ring, Dar hooks Bate’s arms in a double underhook. Bate slides through with a pin. Dar pops his shoulders up at two. A few seconds later, Bate rolls Dar up again and picks up the first point!

Tyler Bate gains 1 point.  Bate- 1: Dar – 0

Round 2:

Tyler Bate locks in a body scissors on Dar. Dar finds a way to break free. Dar shoves Bate over towards the ropes and throws Bate over with a nice arm drag. Dar looks for a cover, and Bate kicks out. Bate turns it around with a critical dropkick, sending Dar close to the apron. As Dar gets up, both men test their strength with a knuckle lockup. The bell sounds, and the second round concludes.

No new points were awarded. Bate – 1: Dar – 0

Round 3: 

Noam Dar lands some unsportsmanlike strikes on Tyler Bate just as the third round gets underway. Nar decks Bate with a spinning back fist for just a two count! Dar keeps his offense on point with a side suplex for another two count. Bate blocks Dar in the corner with a heavy boot. Bate hoists Dar up for an airplane spin! Round and round Dar goes until the bell sounds.

No new points were awarded. Bate – 1: Dar – 0

Round 4:

Tyler Bate picks up where he last left in in round three with another airplane spin. Bate changes his game plan with a back elbow strike from off the ropes. Dar catches Bate with a low sliding forearm! Dar hooks the leg for a pin. Bate pops free at two. Dar eats a boot before getting slugged with a massive elbow. Dar misses a stiff kick. The bell for round four concludes right after.

No new points were awarded. Bate – 1: Dar – 0 

Round 5:

As the fifth round begins, Noam Dar storms in with a flurry of strikes. Tyler Bate returns them back. Dar lands a big boot on the side of Bate’s face before locking up the former NXT UK Champion with a single-leg lock. Bate taps. Dar picks up his first point in the match!

Noam Dar gains 1 point. Bate – 1: Dar -1

Round 6 (Final Round):

Tyler Bate looks for a German Suplex bridge. Noam Dar gets his shoulders up at two. Bate heads to the top rope. Sha Samuels grabs onto Bate’s leg. Trent Seven runs over to stop Samuel. A big brawl breaks out between all four men. Bate sails out of the ring with a massive dive! Back in the ring, Bate drives Dar into the mat with his ’97 Driver. 1-2-3. Tyler Bate picks up a second point and overall win! Tyler Bate prevails over Noam Dar with 2-1.

Winner & New No. 1 Contender to the Heritage Cup Championship: Tyler Bate

– We see WALTER and Rampage Brown making their way into the BT Sport Studio before their colossal match today!

– Speaking of WALTER’s former challengers, we look back on Ilja Dragunov’s gruesome match against Sam Gradwell from two weeks ago.

At the NK Performance Center: Jack Starz and Piper Niven continue their training.

– Before his Unification Cruiserweight Championship match tonight at NXT TakeOver: Stand & Deliver, Jordan Devlin, promises he’ll bring the NXT Cruiserweight Championship back to the UK.

Emilia McKenzie & Meiko Satomura vs. NXT UK Women’s Champion Kay Lee Ray & Isla Dawn

Emilia McKenzie and Isla Dawn duke it out just after the bell rings. Isla controls the situation with a series of shots. Isla looks for a cover, and Emilia kicks out at two. Emilia and Isla both tag in their partners. Meiko stops Ray in her tracks with a beautiful shoot kick for just a two count. Kay Lee Ray cuts off the ring by keeping Meiko near her corner. Kay Lee Ray stomps away on Meiko before bringing in Isla again. Isla follows Kay Lee Ray’s lead with more stomps on the newcomer.

Meiko escapes the corner and plants an overhead kick that sends Isla down on the mat. Meiko tags Emilia back in. Emilia continues to keep Isla down on the mat. She looks for another cover, to which Isla kicks out. Isla tags Kay Lee Ray back in. The NXT UK Women’s champion sets Emilia up for the Gory Bomb. Emilia slides out and lands a vicious spear! Emilia throws Isla out of her way with a textbook German Suplex. After, Emilia comes flying off the ropes with a nice clothesline on Kay Lee Ray. Surprisingly, Kay Lee Ray kicks out of Emilia’s finisher.


Emilia and Isla tag in the true rivals in this match: Meiko and Kay Lee Ray. Meiko plants another overhead kick, which helps set up her Death Valley Bomb. Meiko looks for a cover, and Kay Lee Ray kicks out. Kay Lee Ray catches Meiko with her Gory Bomb. The champion hooks a cover, 1-2… Emilia runs in and breaks the hold. Emilia and Isla tangle to the outside after Emilia grabs Isla with another German Suplex. Isla capitalizes with a running knee strike. Cover. No! Meiko stays alive. Emilia throws Kay across the outside with another big German Suplex. In the ring, Emilia and Isla square off for the final time. Isla hoists Emilia up in a fisherman buster position. Emilia rolls Isla up in a small package. Meiko guards the ring before Kay Lee Ray could slide back into the ring. Emilia McKenzie scores a huge victory!


Winners: Emilia McKenzie & Meiko Satomura

Post-Match: Aoife Valkyrie comes out with a feather in her hand. She sets the feather down on the ramp while staring Meiko Satomura down.

– After Kenny Williams’ betrayal of Amir Jordan last week, both men are ready to settle the score in a singles match next week.

– Also set for next, Gallus will set down with Noam Dar on “Supernova Sessions,” and Saxon Huxley will square off against Nathan Frazer.

And now, the main event! After retaining against Tommaso Ciampa last night at TakeOver: Stand & Deliver, can WALTER capitalize on another significant win?

NXT UK Championship: WALTER (c) vs. Rampage Brown

The bell rings, and WALTER hides behind Rampage Brown right away. As WALTER looks for a waist lock, Rampage Brown turns it around by throwing the champion down on his feet! Brown does it again with a huge dropkick that sends WALTER out of the ring. Brown heads to the outside and lands another massive shot on WALTER. The champion turns the pace around with a painful back suplex onto the apron, followed by a colossal chop. On the apron now, WALTER hits a big club forearm on his opponent just before the commercial break.

Back from the break, both heavyweights exchange heavy chops. WALTER wraps Brown around with a Boston Crab. WALTER slides around and drives his knee into Brown’s spin. On his feet, Brown counters with a large slam sending the champion off his feet again! They go back to exchanging loud chops. WALTER’s final knife edge chop sends Brown down on the mat. WALTER clocks Brown two European uppercuts as he makes his way up towards a vertical position. On his feet, Brown catches WALTER with another big slam!


Both men crash into each other with double clotheslines. WALTER catches Brown with a sleeper. Brown counters with a massive uppercut right under the jaw of The Ring General. Brown heads to the ropes and flies off with dive! Brown looks for a cover, and WALTER throws him off! Brown has WALTER in the Doctor Bomb position. WALTER counters with another sleeper hold, and then a back-breaking powerbomb! WALTER with a cover. Brown fights out at two! WALTER climbs up to the top rope. Brown meets him up there. Both men stall for a second. Brown pulls out a colossal avalanche superplex. Brown hooks the leg. Will it be enough! 1-2. WALTER pops out!


WALTER gets up and storms towards Brown. Brown catches him with a Doctor Bomb. Cover. 1-2. No! WALTER stays alive! Brown looks for another Doctor Bomb, but WALTER turns around with a suplex. WALTER plants a heavy kick towards Brown’s throat. WALTER lands a combination of shots. Cover. Brown kicks out! WALTER stacks Brown up with a back-to-back suplex and powerbomb. Cover. 1-2. Brown stays alive! Frustrated, WALTER heads to the top and jumps off with his diving splash. WALTER covers. 1-2-3. WALTER will live to see another day as the NXT UK Champion!

Winner & Still NXT UK Champion: WALTER

That concludes NXT UK: Prelude. Thanks for watching! We hope you enjoy tonight’s second NXT TakeOver: Stand & Deliver event, as well as WrestleMania this weekend!