WWE is reportedly ready to let Pat McAfee be himself on the air while he calls SmackDown on FOX with Michael Cole each week.

As noted, McAfee made his SmackDown commentary debut last night for the post-WrestleMania 37 episode. Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated reports that this platform is an opportunity McAfee has wanted for a while.

The current plan is to let McAfee be himself on the air, and to avoid over-producing him. It remains to be seen how long this will last with the way McAfee’s personality is and the way WWE tends to over-produce at times.

The new WWE gig will allow McAfee to continue to work on his other projects, including his “Pat McAfee Show” podcast.

It was also noted that the timing of the McAfee SmackDown announcement was not related to the WWE budget cuts made the day before. That has been a hot topic among fans on social media this week.

Stay tuned for more. For those who missed it, you can see McAfee’s post-show exchange with Triple H below: