AEW Bringing Back Old Stage For Double Or Nothing And Dynamite?

It appears as if AEW is bringing back the old Fight for the Fallen set for tomorrow night's AEW Dynamite and Sunday's Double or Nothing pay-per-view.

A fan on Twitter noted that he received an email from AEW earlier today informing him that his C4 seats are being moved to Section D on the stage. The fan thanked AEW for the same.

Several other fans also confirmed they are being moved to the balcony section due to a set-up change.

The inspiration for the amphitheater-type Fight for the Fallen set at Daily's Place came from South Park's "WTF" episode, according to AEW President Tony Khan.

Last year, Khan told Busted Open Radio: "The 'WTF' episode of South Park, the Wrestling Takedown Federation was their backyard company on South Park. They had a set. The way they set up behind their house with bleachers in the backyard, but the way it looked, it was like theatre in the round. That was the amphitheater feeling I wanted to create.

"So instead of putting the ring up on the stage where it would only be exposed to one side, we could put the ring down in the pit. We have this great big concrete pit, and instead of using it as a mosh pit, we could put a ring down there. When you look at the two side by side, I took a photo and posted it on Twitter, side by side with the South Park ring. Here is the inspiration. Here is the actual Fight For The Fallen setup. So, that is true for the Fight for the Fallen set."

As seen below, Khan tweeted a comparison photo of the Fight for the Fallen stage and the South Park WTF episode a few years ago.