AEW senior producer and commentator Tony Schiavone hosted the AEW Dynamite: Blood and Guts Post Show and answered a bunch of fan questions.

When asked if AEW had plans to sign free agents Daniel Bryan and Samoa Joe, Schiavone said, “You know what? If we could, maybe we would. But we don’t book ’em, do we?”

During the Blood and Guts match, Shawn Spears struck Sammy Guevara on the head with a steel chair. Schiavone was asked if AEW would allow chair shots to the head going forward.

“I don’t know if we saw a return, but we saw some pretty stiff shots. I’m sure they’re gonna look at it and reevaluate.”

When asked about Paul Wight’s AEW in-ring debut, Schiavone said, “Never say never on that one.”

Schiavone was also asked about AEW introducing a Trios Championship, a Dark Championship and a Hardcore Championship. He didn’t rule out any possibilities.

However, Schiavone ruled out a possible United States Title. “I highly doubt it, because to many championships doesn’t make sense. If that does happen, it’ll be after a few years.”

One fan brought up the possibility of AEW World Champion Kenny Omega taking Bobby Lashley’s WWE Championship title to add to his collection of belts. Schiavone responded, “We’ll see what we can do about that, but again, we don’t book ’em.”

You can watch the full Dynamite Post Show below: