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– Tony Schiavone and Paul Wight welcome us to another episode of Dark: Elevation. Wight can’t wait for tonight’s action, so we go to Justin Roberts for our first match of the night.

Jungle Boy (w/Jurassic Express) vs. Adrian Alanis

Jungle Boy and Alanis exchanging holds to start off. Jungle Boy on the offensive with a series of arm drags and a springboard arm drag followed by a dropkick. Jungle Boy with a big chop as he ducks a lariat and hits a tijeras followed by a tope suicida! Alanis hits a slingblade backbreaker to slow things down.

Alanis hits a few body shots in the corner and finishes with a lariat then a suplex, cover but only a two count. Jungle Boy gets an elbow up in the corner and hits a few more forearm shots then a lariat after bouncing off the ropes. Alanis gets a boot up in the corner, but he runs into a corner exploder followed by a German Suplex, a sliding elbow then a Snare Trap submission for the win.

Winner: Jungle Boy

– Schiavone hypes up tonight’s card. Wight highlights the battle between HFO and the Dark Order as we go to our next match.

Dustin Rhodes vs. Aaron Solow (w/Anthony Ogogo, Nick Comoroto & QT Marshall)

Rhodes and Solow brawl right away as The Factory watch on with Marshall on his “throne”. The brawl goes outside as Rhodes is in control throwing Solow into the barricade. Solow is thrown out as Rhodes manipulates the count. Rhodes taking the fight outside near the crowd. The crowd calls for one more chop, and Rhodes obliges. Solow trying to build some distance but runs into a powerslam, and Rhodes hypes the crowd up.

Rhodes sends Solow back inside as he stares down Comoroto who takes his jacket off. Solow distracts the referee while Rhodes goes up top allowing Comoroto to sweep him down. Referee Aubrey Edwards sees what’s going on and kicks out The Factory from ringside! Solow is fuming as he goes outside and lays out Rhodes with a lariat. Solow doing more damage on Rhodes, but Rhodes catches him with a roll-up for a two count!

Solow back on the offensive as he adds more pressure on Rhodes. Rhodes tags Solow with a chop, but Solow beats him down and pressures him on the middle rope. Solow hits a chop and throws Rhodes to the opposite corner. Solow and Rhodes trading strikes as Rhodes tries to bounce off the corner and bumps into Solow as both men are down. Both men back up as they trade heavy shots. Rhodes ducks a lariat and hits a series of his own, and he follows with back body drop.

Vintage Rhodes as he he hits a powerslam for two. Rhodes signaling for the bulldog, but Solow pushes off and hits a thrust kick. Rhodes answers back and hits a Code Red, cover, 1-2-no! Solow tags Rhodes with a Gamengiri Kick, then a fisherman’s suplex and he hits a top rope double stomp, cover, 1-2-no! Solow grabs Rhodes’ cow bell and bull rope. He tries to hit him with it, but Rhodes ducks and htis the bulldog, cover, 1-2-and Rhodes lifts his shoulders up! Rhodes takes the bull rope as referee Edwards warns him not to use it. Rhodes thinks better of it and hits a spinning neckbreaker for the win.

Winner: Dustin Rhodes

Post-match: Rhodes attacking Solow in the corner. Comoroto runs out and grabs the bull rope and attacks Rhodes with it. Marshall and Ogogo are out on the ramp, but Lee Johnson comes out with a chair! The two sides stare and walk out.

Eddie Kingston & Jon Moxley vs. Danny Limelight & Royce Isaacs

Kingston and Limelight start this matchup off as Kingston invites Limelight to go at him. Limelight kicks don’t faze Kingston as Kingston’s kick sends him to the corner. Limelight with a flurry of offense. He hits a dropkick, but Kingston gets up and hits a lariat as Kingston is pumped forcing Moxley to tell him to calm down. Kingston hits a powerbomb as Moxley coaches him up. Kingston throws Limelight to his corner as Moxley and Isaacs tag in.

Isaacs gets off a single-leg takedown, but Moxley gets back up as the two start fighting for advantage. Moxley pushes Isaacs to the ropes but misses a lariat. Isaacs with a fisherman’s suplex bridge for a two count. Isaacs getting the better of Moxley, which pisses him off leaving Kingston to motivate Moxley as he doesn’t want to tag in. Moxley feints a handshake and slaps Isaacs. Kingston tags in as they hit knees in the corner then Kingston hits a belly-to-belly for a two count.

Kingston hits a series of big chops. Isaacs trying to fight back, but Kingston responds with more chops. Isaacs ducks the back fist and hits a suplex. Limelight tags in and hits a tornado DDT on Kingston, cover, 1-2-no! Limelight going up top, but Kingston catches him and hits an exploder. Moxley tags in and trades strikes with Limelight. Limelight tries to springboard in, but Moxley catches him in a rear-naked choke. Kingston tags in, and he and Moxley hit the Violent Crown on Limelight. Moxley hits the Paradigm Shift on Isaacs as Kingston gets the pinfall win.

Winners: Eddie Kingston & Jon Moxley

– Jake “The Snake” Roberts is backstage with Lance Archer. Roberts says he’s with Archer because he sees gold with him, but he scolds Archer. Archer interrupts and says while he’s not looking past Bear Bronson, he says, “I want Miro. I want the TNT Title.” Roberts responds with, “Title, yes but not for free.” Archer says they’re doing it his way. “Nobody’s going to stop me and everybody dies.”

– Jake “The Snake” Roberts joins Schiavone and Wight on commentary.

Lance Archer vs. Bear Bronson

Archer talks trash as he and Bronson go face to face. Archer goes to the corner as he talks more trash. Bronson goes to hit a forearm, but Archer absorbs it and pushes Bronson. Bronson goes to the opposite corner and invites Archer to hit his own shot on him, and Archer obliges. Bronson laughs as Archer goes to another corner. Bronson hits a chop, but Archer absorbs it and takes his shirt off. Bronson hits another chop, but Archer is unaffected and sends Bronson to the corner and exposes his chest and hits more big chops.

Archer and Bronson trading strikes. Bronson ducks a lariat and hits a series of forearm shots, but Archer outruns Archer and hits a series of lariats. Archer inviting Bronson to hit him. Bronson does, but Archer responds with an even bigger strike. Archer hitting multiple corner strikes, cover but only a two count. Archer now hitting multiple clubbing strikes. Bronson escapes Archer in the corner and hits a lariat.

Bronson going for a suplex, but Archer counters with one of his own. Archer tries for a Hellacoaster, but Bronson counters with a German Suplex! Bronson with a back elbow. Bronson escaping the corner and hits a flurry of shoulder blocks and strikes in the corner. Bronson setting up Archer for a cannonball senton, and he hits it! The damage on Bronson taking a toll as Archer hits an elbow. Bronson sends Archer outside and hits a tope suicida!

Bronson sends Archer back in the ring, and he hits a senton, cover 1-2-no! Bronson trying to fire himself up. Archer hitting a flurry of elbows on Bronson’s head. Archer hits a body shot to counter a back suplex. Bronson with a flurry of clubbing blows, but Archer responds with a pounce! Archer hits a corner springboard splash for a two count. Archer follows with a senton, cover, but Bronson with a crucifix cover for two. Archer with a strong boot in the corner, then a chokeslam followed up by the Blackout for the win as Roberts says, “Give me my money.”

Winner: Lance Archer

– Another episode of “Showcase” with Paul Wight features “The Hollywood Hunk” Ryan Nemeth this week. Nemeth talks about how AEW has changed his life and how he isn’t someone’s sidekick, teammate or little brother as a picture of his brother Dolph Ziggler flashes. “They’re letting me be Ryan Nemeth.” Wight asks where “Hollywood Hunk” came from. Nemeth credits the people who have gotten him to where he is now as Nemeth’s work in Hollywood is shown. Nemeth is glad to have found a home.

Wight asks about “The Pretty Picture”. Nemeth says he founds a connection with Peter Avalon, Cezar Bononi and JD Drake. Wight asks what are Nemeth’s goals. Nemeth says his goal is “to be the face of this company.” He says that starts with Dark: Elevation.

Natalia Markova vs. Leyla Hirsch

Markova and Hirsch are at a standstill on the lock up as they try to fight for position. Hirsch gets off a waistlock takedown, but Markova reaches the ropes. Hirsch gets off a side headlock takeover as Markova tries to escape Hirsch’s grip and does so as she hits a series of strikes and kicks, but Markova responds with a huge German Suplex. Hirsch hits another sending Markova to the outside.

Markova trying to escape Hirsch and tries to pull her outside, but Hirsch pushes her to the guardrail. Hirsch whips Markova to the guardrail and to the side apron. Markova hits a knee lift as Hirsch tries to get back in the ring. Hirsch responds with a Saito Suplex, running knee then an armbar making Markova tap out.

Winner: Leyla Hirsch

Ethan Page & Scorpio Sky vs. Jaylen Brandyn & Traevon Jordan

Page and Jordan start this tag match off as Jordan plays to the crowd. Jordan sends Page to the corner on the lock-up. Jordan offers a break and flexes, but Page tags him with an elbow. Jordan reverses an Irish Whip sending Page to the corner. Brandyn tags in, and they hit stereo leg drops for a two count. Page distracting the referee as Sky grabs onto Brandyn on the ropes. Page knocks down Brandyn and Jordan.

Sky tags in and hits an elbow drop followed up by an uppercut. Page and Sky now cutting the ring in half on Brandyn. Brandyn fighting back on Sky, but Sky cuts him off. Brandyn elevates over Sky and tags in Jordan. Jordan going to work on Page and Sky. Brandyn hits a sideslam on Page for a one count. Page with a kick to counter the back bodydrop. Sky blind tags in and hits a chop block on Jordan. Sky applies the heel hook on Jordan as Page holds onto Brandyn. Jordan taps out, and Page hits Ego’s Edge on Brandyn.

Winners: Jaylen Brandyn & Traevon Jordan

– Matt Hardy, The Bunny and The Blade are backstage. Hardy says that people grow, evolve and get better once they join HFO. He notes Bunny has gotten better, gained more rage since joining HFO giving a warning to KiLynn King. Bunny says everyone underestimates her. “Have you ever been down the rabbit hole because that’s exactly where you’re going to go.”

The Bunny (w/HFO) vs. KiLynn King

King dodges Bunny’s charge and hits a series of arm drags then a bodyslam for a one count. King pressuring Bunny in the corner. Bunny takes advantage of the break and goes on the offensive. Bunny misses a strike, and King hits a floating neckbreaker for a two count. Bunny reverses an Irish Whip, King reverses Bunny. Bunny gains the advantage slamming King on the ropes sending her outside. Bunny whips King on the barricade as Private Party fan her with money. Bunny stomps on King as Private Party circle them.

Back in the ring, Bunny covers and gets a two count. Bunny with some elbow shots while King is grounded, and Bunny covers her for a two count. Bunny wrenching her knee on King while she’s hanging on the ropes and yells at the ref after the break. Bunny holding her boot on King in the corner. Bunny follows up with a series of knee lifts. King picks up Bunny off the ropes and hits a fallaway slam. King on the offensive, but Bunny counters an atomic drop.

King responds with a spinebuster, stacked cover 1-2-no! King hits a pump kick in the corner and goes over the tope and hits a series of punches on Bunny. Blade distracts the ref as Bunny hits a big shot on King sending her down for the win.

Winner: The Bunny

– Post-match: The camera shows a foreign object. Bunny hits King with more shots as she sends King Down the Rabbit Hole. Big Swole comes out to save King. Instant replay shows that Matt Hardy slipped Bunny the brass knuckle like object.

– Max Caster rap highlights: Blackwood and Bennett are our two favorite twinks. Heard that you were a rapper. You should probably quit. Hope you can swallow because I know you can’t spit. And you can punch the guy who tatted you up. Look at your whole arm, you’re Blacker than us.

Kevin Bennett & Kevin Blackwood vs. The Acclaimed (Anthony Bowens & Max Caster)

Caster starts off with a knee lift on Blackwood. Caster applies a side headlock as Blackwood tries to escape. Blackwood escapes and hits a leg kick and follows with more. Bennett tags in and stomps on Caster’s leg. Bennett sweeps Caster and hits another stomp and he hits a 619 splash. Caster halts his momentum and hits a big knee lift. Bennett flips over a suplex as they exchange holds. Bowens blinds tags in, but Bennett doesn’t know it as he rolls up Caster.

Bowens drops Bennett. Bowens with a big back elbow on Blackwood. The Acclaimed running the ropes as they hit a swinging neck breaker / dropkick combo, cover, but Blackwood breaks it up. The Acclaimed cut the ring in half. Caster misses a knee drop as Bennett tries to tag out. Bennett hits an enzuigiri as Blackwood and Bowens tag in. Blackwood hits an upper cut on Caster and a flurry of strikes on Bowens then a German Suplex.

Bennett blind tags in and whips Blackwood into Bowens. Bowens dodges it and hits a double blockbuster on Blackwood and Bennett. Caster hits the Mic Drop for the win.

Winners: The Acclaimed (Anthony Bowens & Max Caster)

– Post-match: Caster was going to do his signature kiss the fingers on his opponent, but Bowens puts hand sanitizer on Bennett’s hands and rubs it on Bennett’s chest.

– Page and Sky talk about their win. They say they won’t celebrate their win in front of the camera, but they will celebrate Darby Allin losing the TNT Title. Page says he wants to be fair to Miro, but he says they had a hand in Allin losing the title. Sky says they didn’t want Sting to interfere. Sky compares them to Blade and Neo teaming up.

QT Marshall (w/Aaron Solow, Anthony Ogogo & Nick Comoroto) vs. Baron Black

QT and Black trade holds as QT applies a side headlock. Black escapes, but QT counters with a shoulder block. Black responds with a series of arm drags an arm hold. QT creates some distance and tags Black with a chop. Black elevates off the corner as Black hits a Manhattan Drop. Black getting fired up as he hits a big chop. QT and Black counter hip tosses as QT hits a chokeslam. QT tells Wight to “F off” as Wight had made a comment about QT’s “small hands” earlier.

QT throws Black outside, and Comoroto throws Black to the stage. QT covers but only get a two count. QT putting the pressure on Black. Wight rooting for Black as QT hits a big dropkick, cover but only a two count. Black hits a series of chops then an uppercut. Black ducks a lariat and tries a crossbody, but QT catches him and hits a backbreaker / flatliner combo, cover 1-2-no! QT hits a flurry of strikes in the corner forcing a break.

QT taking his time as Black gets a boot up in the corner. Black mounting a comeback much to the delight of Wight. QT cuts him off and hits a big punch. Black responds with a lariat, back elbow, Manhattan Drop and backstabber combo. Black hits a discus lariat then an exploder, cover 1-2-no! QT with an upkick as he catches Black with a ripcord lariat. QT goes up top and hits a diving headbutt, cover but Black kicks out at two.

QT slaps Black in the face belittling him. Black counters with crossface. QT tries to reach the ropes, but Black rolls him over to the middle of the ring. QT counters with a flash pin forcing Black to release the hold. QT hits the Diamond Cutter for the win.

Winner: QT Marshall

Joey Janela vs. Daniel Garcia

Garcia aggressive to start as he has a hammerlock applies. Janela counters and applies a deathlock and puts more pressure on Garcia. Garcia counters with a leglock, but Janela reaches the ropes. Janela and Garcia trading waistlocks. Janela hits a huge German Suplex. Garcia counters a brainbuster and hits a series of big chops. Garcia feints a chop and rolls up Janela. Garcia hits his own German Suplex for a two count.

Garcia hits a series of elbow strikes then a chop. Janela cuts off Garcia on the ropes and hits a lariat. Janela with a diving fist drop. Janela follows with an elbow to the back of Garcia’s neck. Janela sends Garcia to the corner and says, “I’m a bad boy” before hitting a big chop. Janela hits another chop in the adjacent corner. The crowd chants for one more. Janela hits another while Garcia is on the middle rope. Janela hits a short-arm lariat  as Garcia is still standing. Janela hits another, but Garcia is still up.

Garcia and Janela trade elbows. Garcia hits a running knee and applies an STF on Janela. Janela crawls over to the ropes. Garcia hits a big elbow then an uppercut. Janela responds with a strike of his own as they trade strikes. Janela getting the better of the exchange as he finishes with a discus punch. Garcia avoids Janela in the corner, but Janela responds with a thrust kick then a brainbuster, cover 1-2-no! Janela looks to hit the Death Valley Driver, but Garcia escapes and hits a dropkick. Garcia on the top rope as he invites Janela in. Janela obliges and hits a top rope superplex, bridge, but Garcia kicks out. Janela hits the Death Valley Driver for the win.

Winner: Joey Janela

– The Factory are backstage as QT is glad that AEW is going back on the road as he had been praising how beautiful America is to Ogogo, but all Ogogo has seen is “this dump of Jacksonville, Florida.” QT says of course Cody beat him because it was in Jacksonville, which he owns. He says Jacksonville is filled with redneck and hillbillies.

Ogogo agrees and says, “Jacksonville is a dump, and the whole south is a dump.” He says that’s not why he hates America. He says he hates America because “it values money more than it does life.” He calls out America’s healthcare system and the U.S. “putting kids in cages.” He says Cody Rhodes is the epitome of the America YOU people are proud of. Ogogo promises to beat Cody. He says Cody may have beaten other British wrestlers like Doug Williams, Will Ospreay and PAC, but “they ain’t me.” He says Britain will see him smash Cody’s face in…”by order of Anthony Ogogo, The Guvnor of AEW.”

Private Party (Isiah Kassidy & Marq Quen) vs. Dark Order (Alex Reynolds & 5)

Dark Order, Matt Hardy and Blade are removed from ringside as Reynolds and 5 go at Private Party. 5 has the advantage of Kassidy while Reynolds and Quen are going back and forth. 5 and Quen are in the ring as 5 goes to work on him. Reynolds whips 5 into Quen as Reynolds hits a pop up knee for a two count. Quen sends Reynolds face first into the corner as Kassidy tags in. Reynolds catches Kassidy with a big dropkick.

Reynolds goes over the middle rope and takes out Private Party. Quen is sent over the barricade. Kassidy catches him from behind and hits a suplex as Kassidy dropped 5. Private Party cutting the ring in half as they work on Reynolds’ back. Reynolds with back bodydrop as Kassidy tags in. 5 had also tagged in, but Kassidy distracted the ref, so he did not se the tag. Private Party using their numbers game. Quen sets up Kassidy for a Swanton for a two count.

Private Party continue to cut the ring in half. Private Party looking for Silly String, but Reynolds blocks it. 5 tags in and hits a shotgun dropkick on Kassidy then a series of lariats on Quen. Quen dropped with an exploder. Kassidy hit with an enzuigiri. Double head scissors on Private Party followed by double It’s Gonna Sucks. 5 then hits double tope suicidas! 5 hits the second-rope moonsault for a two count. Reynolds tags in and hits a pop-knee, 5 hits a heel kick and Reynolds hits the small package suplex, cover, but Kassidy breaks it up. Kassidy deals with 5 as Hardy runs in and hits the Twist of Fate! Hardy puts Quen over Reynolds for the win.

Winners: Private Party (Isiah Kassidy & Marq Quen)

– Post-match: Blade comes out as HFO choke out Reynolds with a belt. Dark Order run out as HFO scatter.

– Alex Marvez is backstage with Kris Statlander. Statlander tries to talk to Statlander about Orange Cassidy’s title shot. Britt Baker interrupts and puts herself over. AEW Women’s Champion Hikaru Shida comes in and tells Baker to bring it as she slaps Rebel’s crutch away with her kendo stick. Baker says Rebel will bring it on Dynamite.

JD Drake & Ryan Nemeth (w/Peter Avalon & Cezar Bononi) vs. Derek Pisaturo & Roman Rozell (w/First Sgt.)

Nemeth quickly takes down Rozell as he poses for the camera. Rozell shows off his wrestling background on Nemeth, which has him flustered. Nemeth puts his hand out for a handshake, but he takes him down. Drake tags in and runs into an armdrag takedown. Nemeth hits a knee up off the Drake Irish Whip. Rozell sent outside as the rest of The Pretty Picture deal with Rozell while Pisaturo and Drake stare each other down.

Drake with a big chop followed up by a double team move with Nemeth. Drake and Nemeth cutting the ring in half preventing Rozell from tagging out. Rozell escapes the Rude Awakening and tags in Pisaturo. Pisaturo tags out Nemeth and Drake. Pisaturo hits a knee smash on Drake. Pisaturo distracted as Nemeth drops Rozell. Nemeth hits Hot and Bothered, and Drake hits a moonsault for the win.

Winner: JD Drake & Ryan Nemeth

– We see footage from last week where Shida interrupted a Forbes photoshoot to attack Baker.

Tay Conti vs. Kiah Dream

Conti and Dream feeling each other out as Conti applies a hammerlock and then bends Dream on her knee and hits a few chops. Dream slams Conti down. Conti responds with a thrust kick. Conti follows up with a kick to the chest. Dream ducks another kick, but Conti counters with a kick to the back for a two count. Dream hits a knee lift then a flatliner for a one count. Dream now stomping on Conti.

Conti hits a spinning heel kick, uppercut then a flurry of chops. She charges in with a series of lariats then a few judo throws. Conti sends Dream to the corner. Dream elevates Conti over, but Conti slams Dream headfirst on each turnbuckle. She sets up Dream on the middle rope and hits a pump kick. Conti hits more pump kicks in the corner. Conti hits a DD-Tay for the win.

Winner: Tay Conti

– HFO are backstage. Hardy admits Private Party didn’t need his help, but he wanted to correct and injustice done by King Isiah. He asks if Reynolds liked being Leeched by him, and he asks if John Silver liked seeing it. He says he would leech the life out of Silver if he was medically cleared. He declares he will leech the life out of Dark Order.

Penta El Zero Miedo (Alex Abrahantes) vs. Robo

Robo wants a handshake. Penta tells him “Cero Miedo”. They trade strikes and go back and forth. Robo showing off his agility as he drops Penta with a dropkick. Penta tags Robo with a thrust kick then a Gamengiri kick. Penta hits another thrust kick for a two count. Penta sets up Robo on the middle rope and tags him with a huge chop as Wight appreciates the homage to the “shush chop”. Penta with a hamstring kick as he applies a side headlock.

Penta with some clubbing blows as he rakes Robo’s eyes. Penta hits another thrust kick. Penta playing to the crowd as he goes for the package piledriver. Robo escapes and hits a headbutt. Penta responds with a thrust kick. As Penta was doing his Zero Miedo, Robo pushes off and hits a pump kick. Penta escapes a fireman’s carry and hits a backstabber. Penta sets up Robo in the tree of woe and hits a corner dropkick. Penta with an armbreaker then a Fear Factor for the win.

Winner: Penta El Zero Miedo

Thunder Rosa vs. Robyn Renegade

Rosa and Renegade exchange waistlocks to start off, until Rosa applies a front headlock. Rosa and Renegade now exchanging holds. Rosa counters a hip toss with a quick lateral press pin. Rosa with a snapmare as she hits a dropkick for a two count. Rose getting her boot up in the corner. Rosa now with body shots in the adjacent corner. Rosa follows up with a lariat for a two count. Rosa sends Renegade back to the corner and lands more blows.

Renegade counters and hits a Gamengiri kick then a double knee strike for a two count. Renegade tries for another pin for a one count. Rosa escapes the fireman’s carry and sends Renegade face first in the corner. She hits her corner lariat then a double knee strike of her own. Rosa charging with a corner dropkick. Rosa hits a butterfly suplex for a two count. Rosa hits a chop, but Renegade responds with a slingblade for a two count.

Rosa again escapes a fireman’s carry. Rosa catches a lariat and hits a flatliner and transitions into a Peruvian necktie submission. Renegade taps out.

Winner: Thunder Rosa

– The Pretty Picture are backstage as Nemeth gives an acceptance speech for his award. Drake wishes Nemeth would stop dancing. Bononi calls for everyone to put their pinkies in while buttering up Drake.

Brian Cage (w/Hook) vs. Mike Sydal (w/Matt Sydal)

Cage sends Mike to the corner and biels him across the ring. Cage and Mike trading strikes. Mike getting the better of Cage with a dropkick, Matrix duck then an enzuigiri. Cage catches Mike’s tope suicida and F5’s him on the side apron. Cage hits an uppercut and slams Mike on the apron, and he hits a back suplex on the apron. Cage hits some clubbing strikes in the corner. Mike ducks a lariat and tries for a tijeras, but Cage military presses Mike off.

Cage now using Mike for curls as he slams him away, cover, but Mike kicks out at two. Mike trying to mount a comeback. He does a split as Cage brushes away a kick, but Cage knocks him down and hits a deadlift snatch suplex. Cage sizing up Mike in the corner. He hits a back elbow / Gamengiri kick combo. Mike flips over the German Suplex and hits a dropkick. Mike with a big buzzsaw kick then a split kick.

Mike sends Cage outside with a huricanranna. Mike follows with a moonsault on the outside! Mike going up top and hits a top rope Meteora for a two count. Mike tires to spingboard in, but Cage intercepts and suplexes Mike back in, cover, 1-2-no! Cage signaling for the Drill Claw, but Mike escapes and rolls up Cage for a two count. Cage reponds with a discus lariat, then a variation of the Gori special bomb for the win.

Winner: Brian Cage