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– Excalibur and Taz welcome us to another packed episode of Dark and note they are so excited that they are wearing the same clothes from last week. Taz notes that’s just how fashionable they are.

Ricky Starks and Powerhouse Hobbs (w/Hook) vs. Aaron Frye and Brick Aldridge

Aldridge tries to get an early start, but Hobbs knocks him down and sends him outside. Starks relaxes on the ramp as Hobbs goes to work on Frye. Hobbs hits Town Business for the win as Taz is loving every second of this quick victory.

Winners: Ricky Starks and Powerhouse Hobbs

Diamante vs. Leyla Hirsch

Diamante and Leyla start fast as Diamante shows off her technical skills. Leyla evades a submission attempt as Diamante trips up Leyla and talks some trash. Leyla with an advantage, but Diamante catches Leyla with a Stunner. Diamante hits a corner dropkick, cover but only a two count. Leyla counters a lariat and hits a German Suplex. She hits a second and follows up with a knee strike.

She then hits a double knee strike then a dropkick in the corner. Leyla picks up Diamante and hits a belly-to-back suplex, cover but only a two count. Leyla and Diamante trading strikes. Leyla trips up Diamante and applies the cross armbreaker, and Diamante taps out.

Winner: Leyla Hirsch

Varsity Blondes (Brian Pillman Jr. & Griff Garrison) vs. Liam Gray and Adrian Alanis

Alanis and Gray go at Varsity Blondes right away. Alanis and Gray trying to go for stereo suplexes, but Varsity Blondes counter into their own and follow up with stereo shoulder blocks. Pillman going at Alanis and sends him to Garrison. Garrison knocks down Alanis with a big boot. Pillman tags in, and Varsity Blondes hit a dropkick / spinebuster combo. Gray gets a shot on Pillman. Alanis takes advantage and hits a slingblade into a backbreaker.

Gray tags in as he and Alanis hit back elbows then a backbreaker / neckbreaker combo for two. Gray plants his knee on Pillman’s back. Pillman fights out of a Cobra Clutch and upkicks to tag in Garrison. Garrison hits a series of lariats then a scoop slam on Alanis. Corner splash then a Falcon Arrow, cover, Gray tries to break it up, but Garrison makes him hit his partner. Pillman hits a middle rope splash on the outside! Rolling elbow then a flying clothesline combo from Varsity Blondes for the win.

Winners: Varsity Blondes (Brian Pillman Jr. & Griff Garrison)

SCU (Frankie Kazarian & Christopher Daniels) vs. Spencer Slade and Jake St. Patrick

St. Patrick and Kazarian start this tag team match off. Kazarian and St. Patrick going back and forth exchanging holds as Kazarian tries to maintain a front wristlock. Kazarian catches St. Patrick in a series of arm drags as Daniels tags in following  a chop from Kazarian. Back suplex / lariat combo from SCU. Daniels going to work on St. Patrick in the corner. St. Patrick counters Daniels in the corner as Slade tags in.

Slade with an overhead belly-to-belly. Corner spear from Slade, but Daniels gets a boot up in the corner and trips up Slade. Kazarian tags in and hits a flying axehandle then a springboard leg drop. He baits in St. Patrick and tags him out. SCU hit an assisted powerbomb, cover, but St. Patrick breaks it up. St. Patrick gets dropped by an assisted gutbuster. SCU hit BME on Slade for the win.

Winners: SCU (Frankie Kazarian & Christopher Daniels)

Big Swole vs. Megan Bayne

Swole and Bayne start up with a strong lock up with neither gaining an advantage. Bayne knocks Swole down with a shoulder tackle. Swole kips up and gets in Bayne’s face. Swole tags Bayne with a back elbow and follows up with hamstring kicks. Swole sent outside and tries to launch herself in, but Bayne kicks her in the gut, cover, but Swole kicks out at one. Bayne locks in a bear hug.

Swole boxes Bayne’s ears and escapes. Swole on the offensive as she hits a cutter. Swole running the ropes but stops and kicks Bayne. Bayne returns the favor with a big boot, cover but only a two count. Swole hits a flurry of strikes, misses a roundhouse kick but gets it the second time. Swole rolls through and locks in a Texas Cloverleaf, and Bayne taps out.

Winner: Big Swole

Joey Janela and Sonny Kiss vs. Justin Law and Kit Sackett

Law charges in, but Janela hits a series of lariat on him. Janela sends Law outside. Janela makes Law tag in Sackett. Sackett sent outside as Kiss tags in. Kiss hits a handspring slap, then an uppercut then a shotgun dropkick. Sackett tags Kiss with a series of strikes. Law tags in and goes for a top rope axehandle but ends up hitting Sackett. Janela tags in and baits Law. He hits a German Suplex, then a series of thrust kicks as Law bounces off Sackett. Janela and Kiss hit a reverse DDT / split combo for the win.

Winners: Joey Janela and Sonny Kiss

KiLynn King vs. Julia Hart

Hart yelling at the wrestlers at ringside as King applies a side headlock. Hart escapes with an eye rake on the ropes. King running the ropes and goes around Hart with a strong shoulder tackle. King counters a hip toss with one of her own and follows up with a series of arm drags then a scoop slam for two.

Hart hits a few body punches and tries for a roll up, but King counters with a stiff kick, cover, but Hart kicks out at two. King whips Hart in the corner, but Hart evades a splash and hits a few kicks then a handspring lariat. She follows up with a split for a two count. King hits a flurry of strikes and counters a head scissors by slamming Hart on the top rope. She hits a series of lariats then a few boots then a shotgun dropkick. Hart dodges King in the corner, but King catches Hart with a German Suplex. King hits Kingdom Falls for the win.

Winner: KiLynn King

PAC (w/Penta El Zero Miedo & Rey Fenix) vs. Serpentico (w/Luther)

Serpentico quickly starts off with a shotgun dropkick sending PAC outside, and he follows with a tope suicida! PAC avoids Serpentico up top and hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker and follows with stomps in the corner. PAC then hits a snap suplex and charges in the corner with a big uppercut. PAC stares at the camera as Serpentico throws weak body shots. PAC responds with a spinning heel kick then a tombstone. PAC locks in The Brutalizer as Serpentico taps out.

Winner: PAC

The Bunny vs. Leila Grey

Bunny ducks a lock up and pie faces Grey and laughs at her. Bunny slams Grey down and goes at her in the corner while yelling at referee Aubrey Edwards as she calls for a break. Edwards forces Bunny away from Grey as Grey takes advantage. She hits an uppercut, snapmare into a running dropkick.

Bunny slams Grey towards the middle rope. She charges in with a sliding lariat as she screams at the camera as Taz insists that Bunny is a nice girl. Bunny chokes out Grey on the middle rope. She skips around the ring before entering in and stomping on Grey. Bunny hits a series of knee strikes.

Bunny standing over Grey and laughs in her face as Grey sneaks in a roll up pin, but Bunny kicks out and hits a thrust kick. Bunny hits Down The Rabbit Hole for the win.

Winner: The Bunny

– PAC is backstage with Alex Marvez. He says it doesn’t matter who they up against. “Death Triangle, we’re coming for everyone.”

– Max Caster rap highlights, “It’s The Acclaimed. I’m Platinum Max. Everyone clap because Bowens is back.” He tells his opponents to clap and be happy that Bowens is back.

The Acclaimed (Max Caster & Anthony Bowens) vs. Vary Morales and David Ali

Morales tries to catch Bowens with a dropkick, but Bowens evades and goes to work on Morales. Caster tags in as The Acclaimed hit an elbow drop / dropkick combo. Morales counters Caster in the corner and hits a dropkick. Ali tags in, but Caster kicks him in the gut and hits a back suplex. Bowens tags in and puts the pressure on Ali. Bowens with a strong hammer throw to the corner. Ali ducks a few lariats and hits a springboard back elbow. Morales tags but runs into a lariat. Bowens knocks off Ali with an elbow. The Acclaimed hit Acclaim to Fame for the win.

Winners: The Acclaimed (Max Caster & Anthony Bowens)

Ethan Page and Scorpio Sky vs. The Hughes Bros. (Terrance & Terrell Hughes)

Terrance and Sky start this tag match off with a strong collar and elbow tie up. Terrance tells Sky to bring it, but Sky tags in Page. Page decides to tag in Sky. Page takes a cheap shot at Terrance as Sky takes out Terrell. Foot stomp from Sky as Page tags in and keeps the pressure on Terrance. Sky and Page now cutting the ring in half.

Terrance finds an opening and tags in Terrell as Terrell hits a series of lariats then a backdrop suplex. Page eats a lariat as Terrell hits a powerslam on Sky for two. Page saves Sky as Page tags in takes out The Hughes Bros. Page hits a knee breaker and tags in Sky. Sky looking to apply the heel hook, and he locks it in. Terrell is forced to tap out.

Winners: Ethan Page and Scorpio Sky

JD Drake, Cezar Bononi & Ryan Nemeth (w/Peter Avalon) vs. Dark Order (Evil Uno, Stu Grayson & Alex Reynolds)

Reynolds and Nemeth start off this trios match as Nemeth quickly knocks down Reynolds with a shoulder block, but Reynolds responds with a dropkick. Bononi and Drake blindside Reynolds as Uno and Grayson are taken out. Reyolds with a body shot, but Nemeth absorbs it and tags in Drake. They hit a bodyslam / elbow drop combo for a one count. Drake fires in strikes in the corner. Bononi tags in as Reynolds tries to fight out of the corner.

Reynolds ducks a lariat from Drake but can’t avoid the lariat from Bononi. Bononi hits a clubbing blow on Reynolds. Bononi then drops Reynolds with a huge back bodydrop. Reynolds hits a few body shots, but Bononi drops him with an elbow and stomps on Reynolds’ wrist to prevent the tag out. Reynolds is being held down as Drake tags in. Bononi with an Olympic slam setting up Drake with a cannonball in the corner, cover, 1-2-no!

Drake sets up Reynolds up top. Reynolds knocks Drake down and hits a moonsault! Nemeth and Grayson tag in as Grayson hits a series of axehandles on Nemeth then a boot on Bononi then an Uranagi on Drake! Bononi dropped with an enzuigiri then a tope con hilo! Uno tagged in and hits a senton atomico on Drake. Uno hits a flatliner on Nemeth, cover, but Drake breaks it up. Drake tags in and hits a few chops, but Uno trips up Drake and stomps on his fingers.

Reynolds tags in and they combine for a ripcord rolling elbow. Grayson with a springboard elbow drop, cover, but Bononi breaks it up. Bononi drops Uno and Grayson as Nemeth tags in. Nemeth going for Rude Awakening as Bononi celebrates. Reynolds pushes Nemeth into Bononi. Reynolds hits a pop-up knee strike. Avalon tries to distract, but he’s scared off into Bononi’s arms as Dark Order hit Night Fall for the win.

Winners: Dark Order (Evil Uno, Stu Grayson & Alex Reynolds)

Dante Martin vs. Danny Limelight

Limelight sends Martin in the corner and offers a clean break. Martin sends Limelight into the corner, and he offers a clean break as a show of respect. They trade holds as Limelight bounces off and hits a shoulder block. Martin with a dropkick. Limelight gong counter for counter as Limelight catches Martin with a dropkick as Martin answers right back. Martin flips over a backslide and catches Limelight with a dropkick.

Limelight offers a handshake but takes a shot at Martin. Martin with a tijeras sending Limelight outside followed up by a plancha. Limelight cuts off a springboard and hits a running boot as Martin was hanging on the ropes. Limelight covers for a two count. Martin fights off an Irish Whip, but Limelight counters with a chop then knocks Martin down with a back elbow. Limelight backing Martin into the corner.

Limelight runs in with a lariat. He hits a few more, cover, but Martin kicks out at two. Limelight wrenching Martin’s neck, but Martin rolls him up. Limelight kicks out and snapmares Martin and hits a kick to the back. Limelight firing in forearms in the corner. Martin gets a boot up then a back elbow. Martin charging in with an elbow, dropkick then a step-up tijeras. Enzuigiri sets up Martin with the double springboard moonsault!

Limelight escapes the fireman’s carry and hits a pump kick. Limelight going for Three Amigos. He hits a swinging neckbreaker to end the sequence. Martin gets the knees up on the springboard senton. Martin misses the 450. Limelight applies the triangle choke, but Martin rolls over for a pin. Limelight kicks out and hits a huge lariat! Martin and Limelight trading strikes. Martin with an assisted shotgun dropkick then a gutbuster. Martin hits the 450 splash for the win.

Winner: Dante Martin

– Jake “The Snake” Roberts joins Excalibur and Taz on commentary.

Lance Archer vs. Luther (w/Serpentico)

Serpentico tried for a sneak attack, but Archer sees it coming and uses Serpentico to attack Luther as Roberts laughs on commentary. Serpentico grabs on Archer’s feet as Archer scares him off, but Luther hits him from behind sending him outside. Archer trying to fight back as Luther puts the pressure on him. Serpentico tries for another cheap shot, but Archer scares him off. Luther keeping the pressure on Archer.

Archer blocking a suplex and hits one of his own. Archer getting pumped up. He gets an elbow and a boot up in the corner as he sizes up Luther for a shoulder tackle. Archer with a knee smash then a lariat, cover, but Luther kicks out. Serpentico goes up on the ring, but Fuego Del Sol comes in and fights off Serpentico! Archer now hitting a series of corner tackles on Luther. Archer sets up Luther for Black Out, but Luther escapes. Drop toe hold then a strike as Luther tries for a Luther Bomb. Archer escapes and hits Hellacoaster for the win.

Winner: Lance Archer