AEW Double Or Nothing Results: Title Matches, Stadium Stampede

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- The Buy In gets going with video packages for each of tonight's matches.

- We're live at Daily's Place! Excalibur and Tony Schiavone calling the action for the pre-show.

- Backstage, Matt Hardy says he will win tonight's Casino Battle Royale. He notes The Blade is injured and won't be in the match, but both members of Private Party will be.

Serena Deeb (c) vs. Riho (NWA Women's World Championship)

Riho out first and gets a big pop from the live crowd. Deeb takes in the fans as she comes out and hypes them up. Deeb with a side headlock, shoulder tackle, quick cover, but Riho bridges up and out of it. Riho looks for a dropkick, but Deeb dodges it. Riho goes for a handshake, Deeb thinking it over, and ends up slapping Riho in the face. Riho gives her one back, but Deeb throws a bunch of uppercuts. Crowd not as thrilled to see Deeb now as Riho lands a few strikes.

Riho heads to the top rope, big splash lands for a two-count. Riho looks for a sunset flip, blocked, Deeb transitions into the serenity lock, but Riho quickly gets to the rope. Deeb with a dragon screw leg whip, then launches her neck-first into the bottom rope. Deeb taunts the crowd a bit. Deeb just gouging at Riho's nose, then driving her knees straight into the mat. "Let's go Riho/Deeb" chants ringing out. Deeb avoids a kick in the corner, out to the apron, Deeb with front chancery over and over as the ref does his five-count. Neckbreaker over the middle rope, cover, two.

Back in the ring, Deeb has Riho up on the top turnbuckle, but Riho knocks her back. Riho with the double foot stomp to the midsection. Riho selling her knee injury and is slow to follow-up. Riho lands a hurricanrana, trips up Deeb into the middle rope, 619 lands, pin, two-count. Riho reverses into a northern lights suplex for two. Deeb takes a kick and is hanging over the middle rope, Double foot stomp by Riho misses, dragon screw leg whip on Riho. Deeb with a twisting neckbreaker, cover, two. High stack powerbomb on Riho for two. Riho puts Deeb down, hits diving foot stomps to Deeb's back. Riho runs in and Deeb with a single leg crab on the challenger. Riho looks to have a bloodied mouth at this point, but is able to get to the ropes to break the hold. Deeb with an inverted dragon screw leg whip. She looks for her finisher, Riho slips under for a tricky pin, two! Deeb trips up Riho, slams her knee into the canvas over and over and locks in the serenity lock for the tap out.

Winner: Serena Deeb via Submission

- Taz and Jim Ross join commentary.

Brian Cage vs. Hangman Page

Page getting a massive pop from the crowd. Cage gets right after Page, looks for a pumphandle slam, Page flips on his feet, low clothesline, cover, two. Cage to the apron, Page clotheslines him down to the floor. Cage yanks Hangman out to the floor and sends him into the barricade, then back into the ring. Cage does some taunting, but as he turns around, Page nails him with a suicide dive. Page looks for a splash over the top rope, caught in midair and powerbombed into the ring post.

Not a big surprise, but the crowd is loud thus far, even more so than the first match. Back in the ring, Cage with a big chop to the chest, Page tries to fire back, but eats a jumping knee strike. Cage picks up Page, flexes him a few times, but Page hits a crucifix bomb for two. Both out to the floor, Cage dropped, Page with a big moonsault off the top rope down to the floor! In the ring, Page up to the top, but Cage stops him and heads up. Page with some elbows, tries for a hurricanrana, nope, Cage looks for a powerbomb, but Page is able to rotate and flip his opponent down! Cover for two.

The two dancing on the turnbuckle again, not much comes of that, but Page lands a couple big shots down on the mat, cover, two. Ripcord elbow by Cage, knee to the face, one arm twisting neckbreaker, pin, two-count. Page gets hung over the top rope and crashes down to the mat. Cage on the apron, near the ramp and hits a deadlift suplex off the second rope! Cage with a super F-5, didn't quite get the proper rotation though, cover, two. Cage on the apron, looks for the buckshot lariat, stumbles, Page ends up hitting an F-5, cover, two-count. Page to the apron for his finisher. He misses, and takes a release german suplex. Page with a powerbomb, buckle bomb, Page with a jackknife pin, two! Cage with a discus lariat, spinning liger bomb, cover, two. Ricky Starks and Hook run out to the ring, Hook with a distraction, Starks launches the title to Cage so he can use it, but Cage throws it back at him. He already said he didn't want the help. Cage turns around throws Page out to the apron. Cage barks at Hook, turns around and eats the buckshot lariat, cover, and that will do it.

Winner: Hangman Page via Pinfall

- Post-match, Page enjoys a beer in the ring. He heads to the back. Starks and Hook arguing with Cage, he shoves them and leaves the ring.

The Young Bucks (c) with Don Callis vs. Jon Moxley and Eddie Kingston (AEW World Tag Team Championship)

Moxley and Kingston make their way through the crowd to "Wild Thing" with the crowd singing along. Plenty of boos for the champs as they make their way out. Don Callis heads to commentary. Matt and Nick do their entrance and pose in the ring with streamers blasting. Moxley and Kingston jump them when the streamers go off. Moxley jamming some of them in Matt's mouth and chokes him with them. Nick finally helps out his brother, but Kingston with a suicide dive, taking out the duo.

Moxley looks to be really enjoying himself as things spill out into the crowd. He grabs a beer can and smashes it over his forehead. Pretty sure the match hasn't even started yet. Brandon Cutler with some cooling spray on Matt, Kingston ends up shoving him, and Cutler runs into the ring. Moxley with a choke on Cutler. Moxley/Kingston with the clothesline/suplex finisher. Young Bucks finally get in some shots as the match officially begins. Kingston working over Nick Jackson (who dyed his hair a lighter auburn color than his beard for the nice heel effect). Matt gets involved and is able to help put down Nick.

Kingston continues to get beat up as The Young Bucks focus on his knee. Moxley able to get into the match, works over Matt, piledriver, cover, two. He goes for the bulldog choke, but nick kicks Moxley in the head to break that up. Moxley hits a back body drop on Moxley. From the back comes Karl Anderson. Kingston takes out Gallows, who tries to sneak in from behind. Frankie Kazarian runs out and beats up Anderson, then yanks him to the back. During all of this, Matt sprays Moxley in the eyes with some cold spray, then throws the can at him, cover, two. Moxley bleeding from the can shot. Security removes Doc Gallows from ringside. Meltzer driver on Moxley out on the ramp.

Nick with a senton on Moxley, cover, two. Moxley still bleeding from the forehead as Young Bucks work him over. The two just swing away on Moxley's back and then mock The Shield fist bump over him. Moxley then goes off and boots Matt in the face, release german suplex on Nick, then ends up suplexing both guys! Kingston with the hot tag and swings away on both guys, belly-to-belly suplex on Nick, DDT on Matt. Kingston tries for a submission on Matt, Nick punches him in the head, to no avail. Kingston boots Nick in the face, then does machine gun chops in the corner on Matt.

Kingston is dropped, Nick goes up top for the sent, but Kingston gets the knees up. Moxley tags in and eats double superkicks. Moxley with a sleeper on Matt as Kingston ties up Nick. Moxley with a rear naked choke, Nick hits a 450 splash on Moxley, cover, two. Back and forth action, meltzer driver is broken up. Kingston lifts Matt up on his shoulders. Moxley up top, doomsday device! Moxley with the cover, Nick breaks it up though. Nick tries for a superkick, no, paradigm shift, no, Nick with a sharpshooter in the middle of the ring. Matt holding Kingston back, Moxley stuck in the middle of the ring still. Back drop driver on Matt. Superkick to Kingston. Moxley with a king kong lariat, paradigm shift, pin, Matt stops that count.

Nick kicks out Kingston's leg, Moxley applies the sleeper again, ends up taking double superkick, but returns fire with double lariats. Matt nails him with another superkick, Nick hits one, then another in stereo, cover, barely a one-count! More kicks from Matt and Nick on their opponents. BTE trigger on Moxley, but he doesn't drop. They do a couple more until he finally falls back. Matt with the cover, 1-2-3.

Winners: The Young Bucks via Pinfall

- Commentary noting The Blade is out of the Casino Battle Royale. Pre-show said it was a Private Party member replaceing him, but commentary says it was Serpentico. QT Marshall also out, Aaron Solow replaces him.

- Paul Wight out to join commentary for the next match.

Casino Battle Royale (Winner receives future AEW World Title Match)

Christian Cage, Matt Sydal, Powerhouse Hobbs, Dustin Rhodes, and Max Caster enter the match.

Matches gets going with Christian and Sydal going after Hobbs while Rhodes and Caster pair off. Caster with a lowblow on Sydal and ends up tossing him out of the ring. Cage/Caster and Rhodes/Hobbs battling as the clock ticks down. Christian ends up sending Caster out of the match.

Matt Hardy, Issiah Kassidy, 10, Nick Comoroto, and Serpentico enter the match.

Hardy and Kassidy try to jump 10 during his entrance, but have zero luck with that. 10 ends up throwing Serpentico out of the match. 10 working over Comoroto, but then eats a huge spear. Comoroto nearly throws out 10, but Dustin ends up sending both 10 and Comoroto out of the ring. Comoroto jumps back in and smacks Rhodes with his cowbell. Hardy and Christian face off, but Kassidy with a chop block from behind. Crowd wanted to see them battle.

Brian Pillman Jr., Griff Garrison, Colt Cabana, Anthony Bowens, and Penta El Zero Miedo enter the match.

Varsity Blonds go to work on Hardy and Kassidy. Cabana joins the fun and hits an elbow on Kassidy. Penta takes down a few guys. Kassidy and Bowens are eliminated. Matt Hardy eliminates Garrison. Crowd with a "Brian Pillman" chant.

Jungle Boy, Marq Quen, Aaron Solow, Evil Uno, and Lee Johnson enter the match.

Private Party sends Pillman out. Solow and Johnson each have a fairly quick elimination. Hardy's group is holding strong still. Penta boots Evil Uno out of the match. JB with a hurricanrana, sending Penta out of the match! Hobbs finally comes back into the match after being on the floor for awhile. Down to six wrestlers in the ring with the joker still to go. Christian finally eliminates Hobbs.

Lio Rush enters the match.

Nice pop from the crowd for Rush. Rush leaps in and splashes down on Kassidy. Poisonrana on Quen. He uses a bunch of misdirection on Kassidy until he hits a spanish fly. Hardy sneaks in and tries to throw him out of the ring. Rush with a flurry of strikes on Hardy, looks for a slingshot stunner that doesn't quite connect on Hardy. Silly string on Rush, he blocks it and tries to pull off a move, but Hardy just throws Rush right out of the match! We're down to Hardy, Quen, Kassidy, Christian, and Jungle Boy. Hardy's group goes from being a strong force, to all three getting eliminated.

We're down to Jungle Boy vs. Christian! Christian looks for the quick elimination, but JB blocks it. Back and forth action, Christian plants JB to the mat and looks for a spear. JB is able to catch him and nearly send him up and out of the ring. Christian is able to fight off JB and nearly send him out. JB with a front facelock, bringing Cage out to the apron with him. JB throws a few kicks, another one to the face. He goes for a third, misses, Christian tries for kill switch, no. He throws JB into the ring post, but he swings around and gets on the apron. Christian tries to knock him off, but JB with a back body drop, sending Christian out!

Winner: Jungle Boy earns future AEW World Championship Match

- Post-match, Luchasaurus, Marko Stunt, and eventually, Christian Cage congratulate Jungle Boy on his win.

- Military appreciation segment on the stage that included AEW star Shawn Dean.

Cody Rhodes with Arn Anderson vs. Anthony Ogogo with QT Marshall

Rhodes goes right for the arm to try and neutralize it, he drops down and pops Ogogo in the face. Ogogo with a shot to the midsection, olympic slam, cover, two. Cody dodges his opponent and hits a spinning powerslam. Ogogo holding his ribs as he dinged up his own ribs in training. Ogogo stomps down Rhodes with one foot. Ogogo out on the floor, Rhodes looks for a suicide dive and eats a punch. Back in the ring, release german suplex by Ogogo.

Ogogo with a big elbow drop, cover, one-count. He hits a big lariat, cover, two. Cody near the ropes, QT with a cheap shot to the face. Arn walks over with a chair and chases QT up to the ramp. Ogogo with another elbow drop, but nobody home this time. Cody stomps the fingers and punches away at them. Ogogo with a big spinning slam, pin, two-count. Both wrestlers checking in with their own managers. Ogogo looks to be slightly busted open. He throws some wild punches, Cody with a kick, then a bulldog. Cody cutter hits! Ogogo put up on the top rope, but takes a hard shot to the midsection, sending Cody flying down to the mat. Ogogo climbs back up top and nails a frog splash! He goes for a cover, two.

Cody back up, hits a dropkick, figure-four locked in. Ogogo punches Cody in the face, two-count. Ogogo reverses to break the hold. Ogogo with another shot to the midsection, uppercut to the face, cover, Cody's hand is past the rope though. Ogogo lifts, twists, and plants Cody for a two-count. Ogogo looks for his finisher, Cody avoids it and nails a vertebreaker, cover, 1-2-3.

Winner: Cody Rhodes via Pinfall

- Post-match, Cody goes out into the crowd a bit to celebrate his win.

Miro vs. Lance Archer (AEW TNT Championship)

Miro heads to the ring and Archer launches himself over the top rope and had a rough landing to kick things off. Archer some shots on Miro, big boot to the face. Archer grabs Miro's hand, walks the ropes and hits a moonsault, cover, barely a one. The two brawl on the floor, Miro takes a spinebuster through a table.

Archer sends the champ back into the ring. Miro back to the floor, Archer follows, but gets thrown into the front row on a bunch of wrestlers. Miro then sends Archer back over and down to the floor. The two make it back into the ring with Miro hitting a splash in the corner. Archer fights back with a running crossbody. Miro hits a spinning heel kick and gets pumped up. Miro with kicks to the chest. Archer nails the heli-coaster, cover, two.

Roberts out to the ring with a bag! Miro takes the back and throws it back to the entrance. He drops Roberts. Archer uses the distraction to hit a chokeslam on Miro, cover, two count. Archer looking for blackout, Miro drops out of it, chops Archer down to the mat. Miro hits the ropes and takes a pounce from his opponent. Miro out to the floor, but Archer sends him right back in. Miro works over Archer and then locks in game over. Archer tries to fight out of it, Miro with knee shots to the spine and drops down with game over locked in. Archer goes out and the ref calls for the bell.

Winner: Miro via Referee Stoppage

- AEW All Out is on Sunday, September 5 in Chicago.

Hikaru Shida (c) vs. Britt Baker with Rebel (AEW Women's World Championship)

Shida looks to be a bit emotional as she makes her entrance. Both women looking for their finisher early on, but don't have any luck. Both trade a few pinfalls for two-counts. Baker seems to be getting the loud chants of the two. Back and forth action until Baker decides to take a break out on the floor. She jumps in and Shida slides out. Shida goes back in and takes a boot to the head.

They battle on, Baker tries for another break on the floor, but Shida follows and sends Baker hard into the barricade. Shida tries to fly off a chair, Baker shoves her up to the apron. Shida then leaps down on both Baker and Rebel. Baker drops Shida and puts her trust black glove on. Shida fights her off though, Baker works over the champion, tries for a pin, two. Shida on a flurry of strike, running knee in the corner, another one. She then hits a sliding knee in the corner. Back and forth shots in the middle of the ring. Baker tries for the stomp, Shida reverses into a stretch muffler, but Baker gets the bottom rope. Thrust kick by Baker, slingblade hits, air raid crash, cover, two-count. She goes right for lockjaw, but Shida won't let her. Baker throwing elbows to the face. Baker flips over to block the rope and tries again, still not luck. Baker kicks them both to the middle of the ring, but still no luck.

Shida finally gets some offense in, placing Baker on the top rope and then up on her shoulders. Shida look to drop her down, but Baker slipped off, not sure what happened there. Shida then hits a superplex, cover, two. Shida goes for the stretch muffler, Rebel jumps up on the apron with the title to distract the champion. Rebel looks to hit Shida with the crutch as they charge at her, but mistakenly hits Baker. Shida with a falcon arrow, cover, two. Rebel up again on the apron and she gets thrown to the back. Baker ends up bringing in the belt, thrust kicks her into it, then stomps Shida's face down on it! Cover, 1-2-no! Baker tries for lockjaw, gets rolled up for two. Shida with a jumping knee strike, then a running kick to the face, cover. two-count. Baker looks for a crucifix pin, two. Baker then finally gets lockjaw applied, Shida taps out!

Winner: Britt Baker via Submission

- Post-match, Rebel celebrates with Baker in the ring. Tony Schiavone leaves commentary and meets Baker on the ramp for a hug. He says a few words to her, she smiles, raises up the title and heads to the back.

Sting and Darby Allin vs. Ethan Page and Scorpio Sky

Allin goes right to work on Page, hitting him with a suicide dive. Sky ends up hitting a suplex on Sting on the ramp! Sting gets right back up, throws Sky off the stage and down on Page. He throws his shirt off and Sting then JUMPS off the stage on both guys! Sting continues to beat up Sky in the ring. Crowd is going wild for Sting right now. Allin tags in and hits a double ax handle off the second rope. "Darby!" chant rings out.

Sky able to get control of the match, hits a slingshot cutter on Allin before tagging Page back in. He is just launching Allin into the corners. Sky in there now, backbreaker on Allin and he's holding it down. Page tags in and hits an elbow drop, then stares down Sting. Allin gets the tag, but the ref didn't see it and Sting has to go back to his corner. Allin continues to get beat up. Page then launches Allin from the ring into the crowd (and on some of his own family members!). Sting pulls Allin out of the crowd and he's out of it. Referee is counting, Sting has to decide if he want to send Allin in or not, but Allin end up diving in at nine. Page brings Allin back to his corner and looks for the ego's edge. Allin kicks Sky and locks his feet in the top turnbuckle. Allin gets a sleeper in on Page.

Allin is able to hit an over-the-top stunner on Page, then tags in Sting. Sting with some big shots on a charging Sky. Sting puts both guys in the corners and hits a couple Stinger splashes. He clotheslines Sky out to the floor. Sting with a code red on Page?! Cover for two-count. Allin up on the top rope, but Page yanks him off and down on Sting. Page goes for Ego's edge, but Sting stops that locks in the scorpion deathlock. Sting isn't the legal man at this moment though. Allin with the fujiwara armbar.

Sky with the heel hook on Allin. Page and Sky start slapping at each other while in a submission, then gouge each other's eyes! Referee finally gets some order with Page and Allin as the legal men. Sky and Sting end up tagging in, they swing away on each other. Sky throws some low kicks. Sting isn't bothered by that. Sting splash, pool is empty. Sky looked for an slingshot cutter, Sting holds the ropes to block it and hits a scorpion death drop for the win!

Winners: Sting and Darby Allin via Pinfall

Kenny Omega (c) with Don Callis vs. PAC vs. Orange Cassidy (AEW World Championship)

Cassidy sent out of the match early as PAC and Omega battle. PAC with a big boot to the face, both go for flying crossbodies and crash into each other. Cassidy strolls in (shades on) and goes for a pin on both guys, only for two. Cassidy with a flurry of of strikes, looks for orange punch on Omega, but the champ shoves him into the corner. PAC with a hurricanrana on Omega, sending him to the floor. PAC with a second rope moonsault. He gets right back into the ring and works over Cassidy.

PAC is in full control of the match at the moment. Omega drives PAC into the mat, hits a back stabber on Cassidy. PAC and Omega throw shots. PAC does some yelling, Omega with a big rising knee strike. Omega switches his focus to Cassidy and beats him up, chop to the chest, backbreaker, cover, two-count. Cassidy and PAC battle out on the floor. Omega flips out to the floor and takes out both guys. Back in the ring, stundog millionaire on Omega. Looks for beach break, no, multiple pin attempts, all for two. PAC with a 450 splash on both guys!

Snap dragon suplex by Omega on PAC. He then hits one on Cassidy, then another one. Omega looks for v-triggers on Cassidy, PAC moves and hits a release german suplex. PAC with a thrust kick to Cassidy. Omega drops PAC and he's feeling the momentum now. Omega looks for a super dragon suplex. Cassidy fights it off and puts his hands in his pockets to help block the suplex. PAC jumps up and hits a super release german suplex sending Omega across the ring! Cassidy's hands still in the pockets and hits a senton down on PAC on the floor! He rolls into the ring, kip up, and Omega hits a tiger driver 98, cover, two. Omega looks for one winged angel on PAC, switched to a german suplex with the bridge for two.

Omega pulls down his knee pad and throws a knee to Cassidy's face. A second one hits flush. A third one, Cassidy puts his hands in his pockets and crumples to the mat. PAC sneaks in and punches Omega a few times. Omega looks for a move, Cassidy plants him to the mat. PAC with a brainbuster on Cassidy, cover, two. Cassidy gets knocked to the floor. Omega puts PAC on his shoulders and climbs up the ropes. PAC flips around and hits a sunset flip powerbomb. He puts Omega up top and hits a falcon arrows. Cassidy throws PAC out of the ring, cover on Omega, two! Don Callis coughing at commentary, nearly seeing Omega lose the title.

PAC hits black arrow on Cassidy, cover, and Omega breaks it up. PAC tries black arrow on Omega, nobody home. Omega looks for one winged angel, but PAC locks in the brutalizer! Cassidy orange punches Omega in the face, beach break, cover, two! Crowd thought that was it. PAC tries for a lowblow kick on Cassidy, blocked, Cassidy with an orange punch on PAC. Cassidy dodges Omega, orange punch on Omega. Callis yells "s***!" and runs to the ring. Cassidy with orange punch to PAC, cover, Callis pulls the ref out of the ring. Callis says Cassidy staring at him and backs away. Cassidy goes up top, Omega holding Cassidy's pant leg. Crowd with a "F*** you, Don!" chant. Cassidy with headbutts on Omega that send him to the floor. Cassidy leaps off the rope, PAC catches him, suplex into a brutalizer. Omega stomps on PAC, but he won't let go.

Omega decided to just knock out the referee. It's No DQ, so anything goes. Omega smacks PAC with a title. Callis throws him another one and he cracks PAC with it. A third title? A third shot. The final title (AEW) is given to him and he hits PAC in the face with it. Omega holds up the title and eats an orange punch. Cassidy climbs over him, Aubrey Edwards runs out, cover, 1-2-no! Omega with the crucifix pin reversal, and that finishes the match.

Winner: Kenny Omega via Pinfall

- AEW Full Gear is on November 6 in St. Louis.

- New coach and announcer for Rampage is Mark Henry! Henry comes out for a moment and waves to the crowd.

Β The Pinnacle vs. Inner Circle (Stadium Stampede Match)

The Pinnacle arrive at the stadium in a limo. Inner Circle repels down the scoreboard! MJF looks on as his opponent comes down to the field and charge the limo. Inner Circle demands the group come out of the limo and finally get them out. Everybody starts battling. We see a barrel on fire and some other new tweaks to the match. Both sides battle on as Jericho and MJF finally come face-to-face. Jericho chases after him and they battle in the backstage area. MJF ends up throwing hot coffee in Jericho's face. Jericho grabs a megaphone and yells in MJF's face. He smacks MJF with some cookie sheets, drives him into a wall, then smacks him over the head with a plastic sign.

Urban Meyer and one of his coaches look on as Jericho beats the hell out of MJF with a laptop, then sending MJF over a railing and through a table. MJF talks some more trash and gets a whiteboard flipped up into his face. MJF keeps trying to run away and the two go through a door into another room. We then see Hager and Wardlow battling each other in what looks like a food area. The two fight inside a freezer for awhile as Hager gets the best of Wardlow. Wardlow has the last say as he spears Hager through a wall.

Guevara looking for Spears, who is in a room that is full of chairs. Sammy charges, Spears throws a chair at him and they start battling around the room. Guevara leaps off one and punches Spears. Sammy ends up getting kicked in the face though. Spears sees a bunch of weapons, thinks of taking the bolt cutters, but goes with his trusty chair. Guevara runs in and hits a dropkick. Guevara tries for an attack, but eats a ladder. Spears then brings out some handcuffs. He locks Sammy up and leaves. Guevara sees some bolt cutters near him though to get away.Β  Santana and Ortiz show up at the club part of the arena and find FTR (with Tully) already hanging out.

The two teams end up beating up people around them. The two sides have a drink. Then look back at the DJ, and it's Konnan. Ortiz beating up an FTR member, Tully looks for the cheap shot, but Konnan stops him. Tully ends up getting stabbed with a piece of wood by Santana. More brawling and using weapons of all kinds. Wilder and Ortiz are just throwing bottles at each other. Santana and Wilder end up fighting into an elevator and the door closes.

Back to Wardlow and Hager battling with Hager chokeslamming Wardlow through some wood. Back to Jericho and MJF, MJF really focusing on Jericho's banged up arm. Jericho then staples a piece of paper to MJF's forehead and then rips it off. MJF on a table, piledriver, cover, two. MJF with a claw hammer to Jericho's bad arm, but Jericho smacks him with an item. Jericho then finds his baseball and clunks MJF in his head. He then throws MJF throw a window, busting him open a bit.

Shawn Spears is looking Tully, but finds the Inner Circle motor club. They started up and chase Spears down, but he runs into a room. Jericho bringing MJF towards Daily's Place. Jericho ends up destroying MJF as he makes his way to the ring. He ends up powerbombing MJF through a table. Spears making his way to Daily's Place. Sammy in a golf cart ends up driving into Spears! Guevara climbs up to the roof and hypes the crowd.

Spears and Guevara fight in the ring. Sammy with a springboard and eats a chair to the chest/face. Guevara recovers and hits GTH on Spears. There's a chair wedged in the corner and Sammy stomps him into it. Guevara with a 630, crushing Spears! Cover, 1-2-3.

Winner: Inner Circle via Pinfall

- Post-match, Inner Circle meets in the ring and celebrates the win. Pyro goes off as the group does the signature middle finger and "Judas" plays. Crowd sings along with the song and even after the music stops.