AEW Dynamite Results: Three Title Matches, #1 Contender Match

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Jon Moxley (c) with Eddie Kingston vs. Yuji Nagata with Ren Narita (IWGP US Championship)

Moxley coming out to "Wild Thing" by The Troggs?! A tribute to Onita. Moxley and Nagata with a staredown until they give one shove and then start throwing shots on each other. The two end up on the floor as Moxley gets control of the match, throwing Nagata into the barricade. NJPW star Rocky Romero is out in the crowd to take in the match. We also see Lance Archer and Jake Roberts looking on. Moxley defeated Archer in NJPW to win the title.


Back in the ring, Moxley throwing kicks to Nagata's chest, cover, two. Nagata tries for the exploder, Moxley fights out of it, but then takes some big kicks to the chest. Nagata fakes the dropkick, then hits a basement dropkick. He loads up for some more shots to the chest. Nagata continues to control things, brings Moxley up to the top and hits an avalanche exploder suplex. Running kick to the chest, cover, two-count.

Nagata looks for the armbreak and Nagata's eyes roll back! Moxley is able to roll to the bottom rope to break the hold. Nagata with an enziguri, Moxley bounces off the ropes and hits a sliding lariat. Moxley looks for bulldog choke, but can't quite get it. Moxley has a cut on his cheek. More forearms by both wrestlers. Moxley with knees to the head, paradigm shift, cover, 1-2-3.

Winners: Jon Moxley via Pinfall

- Post-match, Moxley calls in Narita to check on Nagata. Moxley raises up the title with Kingston by his side. Moxley puts the title down and bows to Nagata. He then gets down on the mat and gives a full bow to Nagata. Nagata returns the favor, they bump heads and get up together. Moxley raises up Nagata's arms and the crowd cheers both wrestlers.


- Backstage, Ortiz, Hager, and Guevara talk to Alex Marvez. Ortiz says Santana got arrested and detained because he used a fork in the match. He says Inner Circle had the match won, but a strange twist of fate at the end got The Pinnacle the win. Guevara and Hager want a rematch. Guevara says to give them a rematch or they will put The Pinnacle in a grave.

- Cody Rhodes heads out to the ring for his Double or Nothing announcement. Rhodes says it's fair to poke fun at things like the election, what to do during an anthem, but he's always been proud to be an American. He then mentions Anthony Ogogo, who has run down America every chance he gets. Although, he has a visa and makes those green dollars from America. Rhodes says it's his right to do that though because the argument is what makes us what we are. "Anthony, you didn't come here to live the English Dream." Rhodes brings up Ogogo punching him in the midsection. He talks more about America before bringing it back to wanting to face Ogogo at Double or Nothing. Rhodes says Ogogo will not be wrestling "The American Nightmare" it will be "The American Dream."


The Young Bucks (c) vs. SCU (Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian) (AEW World Tag Team Championship)

Don Callis joins commentary for this match. If SCU loses, they have to disband as a tag team. Frankie and Nick get things start with Kazarian knocking his opponent around. Daniels tags in and puts down Matt with the help of Frankie. Match spills out to the floor with Matt and Nick gaining some momentum. Kazarian gets tossed into the barricade. Daniels gets powerbombed on the apron and Nick splash down on him.

SCU puts down Nick, cover, two-count. Kazarian tags in, Matt tries to get involved and ends up talking double knees to the midsection. Daniels with a splash in the corner on Nick. They look for BME, but Matt shoves Daniels down to the floor. Kazarian hits a leg lariat down on Matt, sending his head crashing to the floor. Nick with rising knee strikes, bulldog, springboard facebuster on Kazarian. Nick with a superkick on Daniels, sending Daniels' head into the ring post, busting him open pretty badly.

Kazarian launches Nick into the mat, cover, two-count. Matt gets in the ring for the strike, buckle bomb/kick to the back of the head. More bang for your buck, nope, Kazarian rolls up Matt, catches Nick flying off the top rope and ends up pinning both guys at the same time for two. Kazarian back body drops out to the stage. He rolls up Matt for a three-count, but The Good Brothers (with Brandon Cutler nearby) with the ref distraction. Kazarian looks for a powerbomb on Matt, and ends up hitting a styles clash! He gets two because Nick broke it up.


Young Bucks nearly put Kazarian down, but Daniels breaks it up and hits angels wings on Nick. Nick out to the floor. Daniels tags in, despite being very bloodies. Matt with a big spear and then swings away on Daniels. Superkick avoided, angels wings is blocked. Daniels is really bleeding still, and does so over Matt's expensive sneakers. Matt fake cries and says "I'm sorry, I love you!" A la Michaels and Flair. He goes for the cover, but Daniels kicks out. BME hits on Matt, cover, Nick with the save. Nick out to the floor. Referee distracted, Matt sprays Daniels with some cold spray and then pops Daniels in the head with the can! He goes for the cover, but Daniels still kicks out. Matt and Nick look for BTE trigger and hit it. Kazarian tries running in from the stage, but can't make it in time.

Winners: The Young Bucks via Pinfall

- Post-match, Kingston and Moxley go to The Elite's dressing room and destroy the place. Back in the ring, Kazarian and Daniels hug for the last time as a tag team.


- Backstage, Dasha talks with Christian Cage about his issues with Taz. Cage brought up Taz's critique of his matches in the ring. Cage says Taz was once a bad man, but he's not going to step through the ropes now. Cage says next week Taz can send any member to him. For Double or Nothing, Cage says there will be a Casino Battle Royale, and he's in it. Matt Sydal shows up and says not only is he going to wint that match at the PPV, but he's already signed on for that match next week!

Orange Cassidy vs. PAC (Number One Contender Match)

Winner gets AEW World Champion Kenny Omega at Double or Nothing. Cassidy faces off with PAC, takes his shades off, puts them on PAC. PAC isn't thrilled with that and breaks them in half. Cassidy ducks a strike and hits beach break on PAC! Cover, PAC kicks out and rolls to the floor. Cassidy hits a suicide dive out to the floor with his hands in his pockets. He then has another pair of shades and puts them back on.


The two battle on the outside with PAC getting the best of Cassidy, throwing him into the barricade a couple times. Back in the ring, PAC heads up to the top rope and nails a big shotgun dropkick. He goes up and hits the same move again on his opponent, yet another kip-up. PAC up for a third time and another shotgun dropkick to Cassidy's back, cover, two-count. PAC goes up again with Cassidy down, but Orange rolls all the way to the other side of the ring. PAC runs over and stomps him. PAC climbs, but Cassidy rolls directly under the turnbuckle to avoid PAC and gives him a thumbs up.

PAC jumps down and gets sent face-first into the second turnbuckle. Cassidy with a tricky roll-up for two, but quickly eats a thrust kick, liger bomb, two-count. PAC beating up Cassidy so much that he gets checked on by another ref. Don Callis comes out and tells PAC to hurry up and get this over with so Omega knows who he's facing! Omega hits PAC with the title from behind as Aubrey Edwards' attention was on Callis. Edwards with a ten-count and calls the match!


Match ends in a double count-out

- Post-match, Callis says since they don't have a winner, that means Omega has the night off! Omega feels like they should go on road trip. He calls Omega and PAC both a bunch of losers and neither deserve a shot. Tony Schiavone comes out to the stage and says he's just been informed that it will be PAC and Cassidy in a three-way match at Double or Nothing. Omega and Callis freak out.

- Young Bucks and Good Brothers see their dressing room was destroyed. Doc says he knows it was Moxley and Kingston. Matt says it's fine because tonight they finished off Daniels and Kazarian. Matt says next week why don't they finish off the other top contenders, Varsity Blonds. Matt mocks Brian Pillman Jr. wanting to be like his dad in wrestling. Matt continues that Moxley and Kingston should meet up with them at Double or Nothing.

- Backstage, Marvez asks Hangman Page about his loss to Brian Cage, and his drop in the rankings. Page says it was bound to happen to lose a match, but it took three guys and a big powerbomb to take him down. Page says he thinks it wasn't so much as Cage that beat him, it was more like Taz won. He doesn't think a guy like Cage would actually be happy with a win like that, and actually earn his spot. Page offers up the match happening at Double or Nothing.


- The Pinnacle come out for their coronation. The stable is all dressed up and come to the ring with some women by their side. MJF is in a pink suit with acrown on his head. MJF starts with a mic in hand as the crowd boos. MJF says now he's the demo god and the greatest of all time. He wants everyone to bow to the group. MJF brings up the ratings and said they even did well in Canada, likely due to them having a Canadian hero in their group (Shawn Spears). MJF says Inner Circle is down two guys (Santana and Jericho) and is confused why they would want a rematch. He asks the crowd if they want to see a rematch (they do) and MJF says no.

Tully takes over and says The Pinnacle took everything Inner Circle could give, but at the end Inner Circle was shaking their hands to stop the match. He then reveals a present he gave to the group, a very expensive watch. Inner Circle shows up in a vehicle that has "Little Bit of the Bubbly" on the side. Guevara looks to be manning a hose at the top of the vehicle. MJF tells them they are done with the group! He talked to his lawyer and he's done! Jericho then climbs up (with his arm in a cast) and asks again if they get a rematch, yes or no? MJF say no!


Jericho says okay then, and has Sammy spray down the group. The Pinnacle flops around as a group as Sammy hoses them down. MJF is mad now and says, if they want a match, how about Double or Nothing! Stadium Stampede! MJF says if Inner Circle loses, then they have to break up forever. Jericho looks on as he ponders that offer, but doesn't end up saying anything. MJF says to take it or leave it.

- Jim Ross does a sit-down interview with Britt Baker. They talk about the last time Baker fought Shida and how she got her nose broken. Baker says you can let something like that beat you or change you. Baker says she's become the "baddest b**** on the block." Baker says Shida has created a monster and now has to kill that monster, "but I'm pretty f***ing hard to kill." We see earlier today during a photo shoot that Baker attacks Shida. Baker says she just thought the current champ should be in the photo, and by that time she'll have the title, not Shida. Ross thinks it will be a physical match with a lot of urgency. Baker says Shida was champion during a difficult year, and she held down the division. Baker says she is the face and the pulse of the division and she guarantees it.


Thunder Rosa vs. Jazmine Allure

Rosa goes to work and beats the heck out of her opponent with big chops in the corner. Allure gets in some offense, but takes a running dropkick. Rosa with a body slam, running senton, cover, and she pulls her opponent up. Rosa hits shoulder breaker into the thunder driver for the quick win.

Winner: Thunder Rosa via Pinfall

Next week:

* Serena Deeb (c) vs. Red Velvet (NWA Women's World Championship)

* The Young Bucks (c) vs. Varsity Blonds (AEW World Tag Team Championship)

* Christian Cage vs. Matt Sydal

* Anthony Ogogo with The Factory vs. Austin Gunn

- Hangman Page vs. Brian Cage is official for Double or Nothing.

- Tony Schiavone talks with Jade Cargill, and we look back earlier this week at Mark Sterling making an offer to Cargill. Tony asks her about that offer, along with the other managers in AEW. Cargill says nobody is going to handle her business, she's her own boss.

- Darby Allin says he doesn't have time to think about Ethan Page and Scorpio Sky's attack last week. He ended up going to Seattle, his hometown, and going back to the old skate park he went to. He enjoys going back to see where he came from. Allin says Miro came here and talked about breaking glass ceilings, but what has he really done since he got her? Allin continues that he doesn't buy what Miro is selling. He continues that he knows who he is, but does Miro know who he is? Miro can say whatever he wants about Allin, but he will have to admit Allin is one of the toughest men he's ever stepped in the ring with.


Darby Allin (c) with Sting vs. Miro (AEW TNT Championship)

Miro attacks Allin as he gets into the ring before the bell even rings. He yells at the referee to ring the bell, but the ref is telling him to wait. Miro keeps beating up Allin, throwing him around outside the ring and over the barricade. He then hits a release vertical suplex, sending him back over the barricade. Ethan Page and Scorpio Sky watching from the crowd, laughing away. Back in the ring, referee checking with Allin and the bell still hasn't rung yet! Miro with another strike.

Allin finally answers that he can go and immediately eats a kick to the face, cover, two. Miro thinks he won, but he definitely didn't win yet. Allin able to battle back on the floor with a shotgun drop, then sends Miro to the barricade. He goes for a coffin drop, caught in midair and Miro sends him flying with a release german suplex. Sky and Page take down Sting on the outside. Back in the ring, Miro with a gutwrench suplex, looks for another, but Allin flips out of it and locks in a sleeper hold, keeping it locked in even on the floor. Miro tries to get the title, but the ref takes it away. Miro finally just drives Allin hard into the side of the stage.


Both make their way into the ring. Sting is back on his feet after getting attacked. Miro working over Allin's arm and shoulder with big elbow shots, then just throwing Allin into the second turnbuckle. Miro slams Allin into the ropes and smiles. Allin able to hit a chop block then an over-the-top stunner, inside cradle for a two-count. Allin with another over-the-top stunner and that puts Miro down. Coffin drop hits, but Miro catches him with a waistlock, release german suplex and Allin lands on his feet. Allin with a roll-up for two. Allin hits a code red, cover, two-count. Miro suddenly gets in game over and Allin fades, new champion!

Winner: Miro wins via submission to win the AEW TNT Championship

Post-match, Sting has to deal with Sky and Page again. Miro smiles and talks trash to the camera as Allin is out. Lance Archer runs out to the stage and yells at Miro, but Jake Roberts keeps him back as the show comes to a close.