The SHIMMER Wrestling Twitter account posted a photo of Bayley in 2011, along with her resume at that time. In the letter, Bayley wrote:

“I wanted to be a professional wrestler since I was 12 years old and once I turned 18, I bought a car and started with [Big Time Wrestling]. Since then, I have been the only girl for nearly three years, which is a little tough with the pressure of having to keep up with the guy, but most of the time I like comparing myself to the men’s level. Unfortunately, I have only had the opportunity of being baby face in all my matches.”

Bayley then noted wrestlers she worked with and some milestones along the way. One of them was having 30 matches in three years.

Bayley retweeted the photo and joked about having 30 matches in a week of tapings at the WWE Performance Center in 2020.

“30 matches in 3 years???! I had about 30 matches in just one week of tapings during the #WWEPC era last year!!!!!!!!!! Love you @SHIMMERwomen”

Bayley debuted with SHIMMER in late 2011 and then signed with WWE in late 2012.