Former WWE on-air personality Charly Caruso (Charly Arnolt) interviewed AEW World Tag Team Champions The Young Bucks during ESPN’s SportsNation this morning. Matt Jackson and Nick Jackson were on the show to promote tonight’s AEW Dynamite episode on TNT.

As seen in the video below, Caruso was joined by co-hosts Treavor Scales and Christine Williamson. The former WWE backstage interviewer welcomed The Young Bucks to the show and brought up their “Killing The Business” motto. Caruso noted how The Bucks are trying to break the mold of what people think pro wrestling is, and as they do that they attract “haters” and other criticism. She asked why they draw the heat and why they take this “Killing The Business” approach.

Matt answered and talked about how they found more success once they started breaking the traditional rules of pro wrestling.

“Professional wrestling has always been very traditional,” Matt said. “And it’s like there’s these unspoken rules, and we followed those rules for so long, and were very unsuccessful in our careers. So, when my brother and I finally decided to break the rules, and to be rebels, and do whatever we wanted to do, everything sort of started to change, and we became successful.

“We felt the change, we felt that shift, and so people started saying, ‘Oh, they do too many superkicks, they do too much of this, they’re killing the business!’ And we were like, well our pocketbook is getting a lot bigger and fatter, so you tell us we’re killing the business? I like this ‘Killing The Business’ thing.”

The Bucks were also asked about criticism they recently received from the Sneakerheads community for wrestling in $10,000 pairs of Dior Jordan 1s. They then decided to wear the sneakers on tonight’s Dynamite as they defend against The Varsity Blondes.

“We got so much hate for that,” Matt said.

Nick added, “You know what, hey Matt… I have a good idea, why don’t we wear them again tonight when we wrestle?”

“I brought the white gear, let’s do it,” Matt responded. Nick continued, “Let’s get the sneakerheads mad at us.”

Caruso officially left WWE back in March after signing with the company in early 2016. She had been working part-time with ESPN since September 2018, but left WWE to take a full-time position with the sports network. You can read about her WWE departure here and here.

Below are clips from today’s interview:

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