The latest WWE Chronicle spotlights Damian Priest and is currently on-demand on Peacock/WWE Network. In a sneak peek, Priest talked about how WWE Hall of Famer Razor Ramon (Scott Hall) has been a big influence on his attitude and style.

“Anybody who knows anything about me knows that one of my favorite parts of being Damian Priest is my swag, like the way I carry myself, the way I get to act,” Priest said. “The way I get to just be cool and I love giving that to people so they can feed off of it, just like I fed off of Scott Hall. Whether he was Razor Ramon, or Scott Hall, the guy oozes machismo. It was always something I was a huge fan of. Whenever that guy was on the screen, I was glued. You know, from his walk, to his in-ring attitude, then the smirk and the smooth, chill vibe.

“Come full circle, it’s actually cool that my time that I spent in NXT, I was able to talk to him and kind of pick his brain. Also, ask him if it’d be cool to do a few things. One was, ‘Could I throw a tribute in some of my gear?’ [Priest shows off a vest] As you can see here, it is one of my favorite vests. I got the drips and I got my slogan, ‘live forever,’ but in The Outsiders font. Of course, I was nervous when I asked Scott just permission for anything, whether it was some mannerisms or gear, or even moves. As most people know, I use a Razor’s Edge in my repertoire, which he was also cool enough to bless me with it.

“The one thing that was cool, I was like, ‘Hey, so, your walk.’ And he was like, ‘The surfer walk?’ I didn’t even know it had a name.  That’s so cool! I remember asking him why he did it, and he was like, ‘Originally, it’s because I don’t want people to touch me. I would walk in between them and make sure they couldn’t reach me.’ For me, I use a little bit of a different variation of it, so it’s the same idea of that cool swag while you’re moving, but for me it’s not about not wanting people to touch me, if anything, I want all of their energy, so I open up a little bit more.”

You can check out Priest’s full comments in the clip below.

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