Former WWE Star Disputes Notion That Women’s Wrestling Doesn’t Draw

Former WWE Intercontinental Champion Lance Storm isn't buying the notion that women's wrestling doesn't draw.

While responding to a fan who claimed that WWE shows featuring women in main events have seen a drop off in viewership, Storm tweeted that Becky Lynch "drew in key segments and main events" back in 2018 and 2019.

"Becky Lynch drew in key segments and main events," Storm wrote. "The focus, story and long term presentation needs to be there for anyone to draw in the Main Event. You can't just throw any 2 people (male or female) in a main event and expect them to draw."

In another tweet, Storm said women's wrestling will draw provided the women are presented as credible Superstars.

"You want the women to draw they need to have credible presentation and consistent strong booking for promos and matches so they are viewed as top stars and seen as truly important. Women can draw Becky proved that."

Released WWE Superstar Mickie James recently revealed that she pitched an idea for an all-female brand but was shot down by a WWE executive who said "women's wrestling doesn't really make money" and that WWE Evolution was the lowest-rated PPV ever in WWE history.

The talk of an all-female WWE brand intensified Friday when WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley said WWE should act quickly unless they want AEW to beat them to a punch.