FOX Reportedly Pushing For WWE Crowds To Return

FOX officials have reportedly pushed for WWE to return to live crowds.

It was reported today by @Wrestlevotes that FOX has privately pushed for a return to live crowds for WWE over the past few weeks. The network is reportedly actively seeking updates on timeframes and information related to the return to touring for the company.

It was noted that FOX wants their billion dollar investment in WWE to be on the same playing field as the MLB, the NBA and other sports leagues.

As we've noted, there is talk that WWE is headed on the road for at least one weekend in mid-July with fans in attendance at events. The report indicated that the Friday, July 16 would be a live SmackDown with fans, while Saturday would be some sort of live event, and then the WWE Money In the Bank pay-per-view would be held on Sunday, July 18, with a live RAW being held on Monday, July 19. There's no word on if this would be a test weekend for the full-time return to touring, but that has also been rumored.

Stay tuned for updates.