Impact Wrestling’s Eddie Edwards Reportedly Dealing With Appendicitis

Impact Wrestling star Eddie Edwards is reportedly dealing with appendicitis.

Edwards was in Nashville, TN earlier this week and word going around is that he is dealing with a case of appendicitis, according to Wrestling Observer Radio.

There is no word yet on if Edwards will have his appendix removed now, but doctors usually give a time-frame of around 3 months before you're able to return to physical activity following the appendectomy operation. However, it was noted that some pro wrestlers in the past have returned from the surgery in 2 months.

Edwards wrestled on Saturday's Impact Under Siege event, which was previously taped. That match saw Edwards and Impact World Tag Team Champions FinJuice defeat The Good Brothers and Impact World Champion, AAA Mega Champion and AEW World Champion Kenny Omega. Edwards pinned Karl Anderson to win that match.

There was talk of Edwards being the next challenger for Omega, but the bout with appendicitis may change those plans.

Stay tuned for updates on Edwards' status.