Producer of The Brian Pillman Memorial Show 20th Anniversary Anthology, Joe Dombrowski, was on today’s episode of The Wrestling Inc. Daily. Dombrowski and Wrestling Inc. Managing Editor Nick Hausman discussed the influence of Brian Pillman on the industry as well as current AEW talent being included in the anthology.

“Obviously it’s a great feeling to know that all these years later, the talent still speak so highly of Brian, and there’s that kind of welcoming working relationship in the wrestling business that allows the talent to to kind of spread their wings and do some of these projects,” Dombrowski expressed. “I was so happy to have Chris Jericho involved. So happy to have Matt Hardy involved. Certainly guys like Mark Henry, and Shane Douglas and Dr. Tom Prichard added so much and I got to give a lot of credit, as far as boots on the ground, to Brian Jr.

“And if not for Brian Jr. to kind of be that bridge, I know we wouldn’t have had certainly as easy of a way to contact talent as Brian Jr. being down in Jacksonville, but he helped a great deal in producing a lot of those interviews. They were very, very giving of their time, and their memories and some of my favorite quotes. Some of my favorite moments of that documentary is just hearing Jericho.

“Jericho only met Brian one weekend, Brian Sr., but he had so many memories and so many stories from just that one little ECW loop that truly, I think, helped define Jericho’s career because of just how much Jericho, in subtle ways, has been influenced by Brian. The way Jericho’s always reinvented himself over the past 20 years, he credits Brian for being the inspiration behind that. The way Brian has touched so many of these talents is still felt to this day, even if it’s something we can’t necessarily tangibly see.”

Hausman asked Dombrowski if he spoke to AEW President and noted pro wrestling historian Tony Khan for the documentary feature.

“I haven’t had a conversation with him. I trusted Brian to kind of be the boots on the ground and get as much as he could. Knowing that those are show days, me being quite frequently office / showrunner / whatever myself, those are usually non-stop days,” Dombrowski noted. “So I completely understand if it may have not been the best time to bother anybody in a management position, but I do absolutely want Tony Khan to have a copy of this. I want Cody to have a copy of this, and Brian and I have talked about that because I know those two, being such traditionalist and such students of the game, they’ll appreciate it as much as anybody.

“I’ve had a lot of great feedback from people in the business. I am getting close to having orders from at least one person in every major company. I won’t reveal any names or anything like that, but I would love to have a dialogue about this with anybody that’s interested because I think the story is so fascinating. It’s so much bigger than me, and the fact that I can just be the conduit to give it kind of a renewed life, it’s humbling. I’s such a labor of love to be a part of.”

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