AEW commentator Jim Ross spoke on the latest episode of Grilling JR about the Wednesday Night Wars coming to an end.

In recent weeks, AEW and NXT’s viewership numbers have seen an increase after no longer going head-to-head. Ross believes that’s a positive for both companies. JR said there’s no reason for it to have ever even been called a war because it never got to the level of the Monday Night Wars.

“I’m glad that there’s no more Wednesday Night Wars,” Ross said. “That was just a cop out for the Monday Night Wars, it wasn’t nearly that extreme in my view. If you want to believe that and it helps motivate you as a fan and add more enjoyment to your game plan then have at it.”

It was announced earlier this week that AEW will be back touring in July. Before the announcement was made, Ross talked about the possibility of going back on the road being a “no-brainer.”

“Doesn’t it make sense that an organization such as ours would want to go back on the road in front of a live audience?” Ross asked. Come on, why would that be a mystery? That’s what we do. Going back on the road is a no-brainer for a wrestling company.”

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