Jimmy Smith Responds To Skepticism From WWE Fans, Makes Statement Ahead Of RAW Debut

New WWE RAW play-by-play announcer Jimmy Smith took to Twitter this evening to comment on his new gig.

As noted, WWE announced today that Smith will join the RAW announce team beginning next Monday, replacing Adnan Virk. Smith, a former MMA and American Ninja Warrior commentator, will call the show with Corey Graves and Byron Saxton each week. You can click here for more on Smith's background and training with Michael Cole.

Smith noted that he is stepping into a new world, and revealed that he grew up as a fan of WWE Hall of Famer Curt Hennig and the legendary Bruiser Brody.

"Hey guys, well it's been a busy day [flushed face emoji]. Apparently @WWE liked my work so far. I know I'm stepping into a new world (I WAS a Mr. Perfect and Bruiser Brody fanatic however) but know I'll do everything I can to honor the athletes and fans. Watch Monday and judge my work for yourself," Smith wrote.

One fan brought up how Smith made a June 2019 tweet where he said he hadn't watched pro wrestling since grade school, and the only thing that could bring him back at that point would be for MMA star Chael Sonnen to appear for WWE as a manager. Smith noted in that 2019 tweet that Sonnen would be "the best heel mouthpiece" since WWE Hall of Famer Bobby Heenan.

Another fan commented on that 2019 tweet and wrote, "This aged very well. Over / Under if this guy lasts longer than Adnan Virk? I say 5 weeks, he's toast."

Smith responded, "I will TOTALLY take the over on that bet"

Virk, who also came from a non-wrestling background, started with WWE on the April 12 RAW, which was the post-WrestleMania 37 show. You can click here for Virk's post-departure statement, and you can click here for reactions from other WWE announcers.

Jim Varsallone of The Miami Herald wrote that he wishes WWE would've given Smith more time to prepare before "throwing him to the wolves."

Varsallone wrote, "A different world, more about entertainment & entertaining. I just hoped WWE would give you more time to prepare before throwing U into the wolves. Getting down the superstar names & knowing the names of moves ultra important. Getting commands via earpiece – takes time to adjust."

Smith, who recently started doing work with WWE NXT, wrote back, "Understood. You tell me what you think Tuesday"

Smith also confirmed in another tweet that he will continue to host SiriusXM's Unlock The Cage Show.

Stay tuned for more on Smith in WWE. You can see a few more of his related tweets below: