Katarina Waters Recalls WWE Passing Over Several Storyline Ideas

It's no secret being a WWE superstar can be a rollercoaster ride. Katarina Waters, who wrestled there as Katie Lea Burchill, knows that firsthand. From Ohio Valley Wrestling to the main roster, the veteran went through a series of storyline changes and character revamps during her more than four years within the WWE system. Waters has a background in theater and film. She would often pitch to creative, which the alum remembered more times than not fell on deaf ears.


"In WWE, I don't know if it was bad luck or they didn't care," Waters said. "We had storylines that started but never reached a conclusion. Me and Paul Burchill started a storyline with William Regal and that ended. Then we had a story with Ken Kennedy and that got cut short because they drafted him to a separate brand.

"Then we had a story with Boogeyman and that got cut short because he left. We had a lot of things that started and stopped, which was very frustrating. Then I had pitched more ideas for the storyline with Boogeyman. I pitched some ideas for us and Hurricane Helms feud as well in ECW that didn't materialize. I pitched about five or six storylines of various characters that I thought were brilliant but were ignored."


The veteran admits to not watching too much of the product these days. At the same time, she does appreciate the progress made for female talent.

"They have fantastic women's wrestlers over at Impact, WWE now," she said of her former stomping grounds. "It's so saturated with amazing talents. There are so many now. I sometimes wonder if I would be better off now or better off then because then maybe there weren't the same opportunities. But now you have to fight through a crowd of people to get noticed at all. So kudos to every single one of them."

Many of the colleagues from her era have gotten the call to return. Some for one more run while others during a one-time appearance in the Royal Rumble.

"They never called," Waters said. "Next year will probably be my year [laughs]."

At the same time, the talented performer isn't waiting by the phone. She is too busy working on a series of movies and other projects. Among them is The Other Side of the RIng where Waters reflects on her career in the women's wrestling documentary.

The Other Side of the Ring released On Digital platforms (Tubi TV (Where Available), Vimeo on Demand, and Google Play) yesterday. You can find Katarina's full interview via the embedded players below: