On the latest episode of his podcast The Kurt Angle Show, the Olympic Gold Medalist spoke about the bump he is most afraid to take. Angle admitted that he never liked taking a backwards bump over the top rope like so many do in a Royal Rumble match.

Over the years, Angle has done moonsaults off of a steel cage in matches with Chris Benoit, Bobby Roode and Mr. Anderson. As someone who has done this numerous times off a 6-foot high steel cage, Angle said taking a backwards bump over the ropes is worse for him.

“No, I’m a wuss,” Angle said. “I’m afraid to go backward over top of the rope. I always have to turn my head over. I was always scared of doing it, I never really learned how. Going over the top rope isn’t high enough to go backward, I know I’m going to do a full flip off a cage.”

Angle was also asked who he would want to face in the history of wrestling to have a one-off match. His answer seemed obvious, picking one of the greatest technical wrestlers of all time, saying he’d want to wrestle that person in a 60 minute Iron Man match.

“Bret Hart without a doubt,” Angle said. “I would love to go one go with Bret Hart. It would have to be a 60 minute Iron Man Match, the longer the better. I want it with Bret, book it.”

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