During a recent appearance on The Wrestling Inc. Daily, ROH Board of Directors member Maria Kanellis-Bennett expressed her desire to appear at NJPW’s Wrestle Kingdom 16 next January. Kanellis made her intentions clear while discussing her and her husband Mike Bennett’s reunion with Matt Taven in ROH.

“It’s like the three stooges all over again,” Kenellis told Wrestling Inc. Managing Editor Nick Hausman. “It’s both ridiculous and amazing. I’m hoping that next year, and I’m putting in this into the universe, that we go over Wrestle Kingdom, because that [event] is named after us. I know it’s been around for a while, but they knew that there would be a Kingdom that would make the Wrestle Kingdom. So, I’m hoping to be there in January.”

Kanellis continued, “Also, I think The Kingdom coming together again will be something special. I don’t think it will be a full-time thing, though. I’m very invested with ROH’s women’s division, and Mike is very invested in moving his singles career forward, and possibly going after the Pure Championship. And, of course, Taven is always gunning for the World Championship. So, we all have our own things happening, but there will be a time when Wrestle Kingdom will be invaded by The Kingdom.”

When asked if fans can expect the relationship between ROH and NJPW to continue, Kanellis replied, “I feel like we saw a little bit of that at the 500th episode of ROH. And I’m hoping we see more of that in the future. However, it’s tough right now because of COVID-19 restrictions and not being able to go over there [to Japan]. I’m hoping that all that starts coming back as the world opens up.”

Kanellis, presently an authority figure on ROH TV, also had high praise for ROH Pure Champion Jonathan Gresham.

“I met him years ago, when he had a tag match versus Mike and Matt. And I was like, ‘holy cow, this guy is really talented.’ And then, to see him now with this whole change is so impressive. Pure Wrestling is his style, and he is, if not the best, close to the very best at it.”

You can follow Maria on Twitter @MariaLKanellis. Maria’s full interview with The Wrestling Inc. Daily can be found below: