After securing his Number One Contender spot for a shot at the Unified Impact World Championship, Moose had a few choice words to say to the champion Kenny Omega ahead of their match at Against All Odds. In tonight’s segment, Moose produced a captivating promo by calling out the champion and promising him the title was going to come back to where it rightfully belonged.

“Kenny, I understand you have beaten a lot of great wrestlers. Guys like [Kazuchika] Okada, Chris Jericho, even tough psychopaths like Jon Moxley. But I’m a different evil, Kenny,” Moose said with intensity in his eyes. “I’m the most athletic guy in professional wrestling – a five-star athlete; a walking legend. None of those guys you’ve beat can lace up my boots.

“Kenny, I respect the fact that you call yourself ‘The God of Professional Wrestling.’ But I’m the undisputed ‘Wrestling God.’ History is full of clashes of titans…At Against All Odds, when you step into this ring, this is my Mount Olympus!”

Interrupted by the champion himself, Omega and Don Calls strolled down to the ring to confront Omega’s newest challenger. Callis was the first to comment on Moose’s bold prediction. Callis began by complimenting Moose’s in-ring abilities by calling him the most physically talented person in the sport, but then proceeded to slam Moose for his shortcomings both as an NFL star, and pro wrestler. Callis even went so low as to bring up Moose’s stint in Ring of Honor from 2014 – 2016 and how he came out of that company with no titles on his track record.

“You’re an incredible athlete. This man right here might be the most physically talented person in all of pro wrestling,” Don Callis stated. “But Moose, with all that talent, you think you’re just going to coast in and beat Kenny Omega?

“Moose, there’s nothing sadder on this Earth than wasted talent. Moose, your problem is you have all of the talent but none of the results. You couldn’t even win a title in Ring of Honor. Moose, how many world titles have you won? Moose, I don’t want to press any buttons here, but how many Super Bowls did you win? Are you putting in the work, or are you just coasting on your talent? You’re going to do what you always did in your career in wrestling and in football; you’re going to come up a little bit short.”

Omega promised Moose all it takes is oneOne-Winged Angel to prevail over him. When Moose asked Omega to put his money where his mouth was, Omega backed down, and the Good Brothers retreated to the ring. All of a sudden, the lights go dark, and then the lights come back on. The former Impact World Champion Sami Callihan was in the ring with his baseball bat and took several wild swings towards Omega and the Good Brothers until they bolted out of the ring.

Although they are not on the same page, Callihan mentioned to Moose that he is willing to do whatever it takes to bring the title back to its rightful company.

Against All Odds will be available to view on Saturday, June 12, on Impact Plus.