As a guest on WWE After the Bell, MVP talked about his relationship with WWE Champion Bobby Lashley and why it works so well. The 47-year-old said the reason is because their characters resemble who they are in real life, just dialed up a bit.

“I always tell young, up and coming professional wrestlers, when you’re trying to play a character that’s not really you, it’s going to be difficult and fans can register that,” MVP said. “Sometimes it’s not even consciously, it’s subconsciously they pick up on it. But, Bobby Lashley really is that combat athlete, Bobby loves to train, Bobby is happiest when he’s training and fighting. The Lashley that you see on the screen is Lashley when he’s his own personality turned way up. MVP is me, with my volume, my personality volume on 11. If you look, that’s the reason that we work so well.

“Historically all of the greats, Stone Cold Steve Austin, that’s Steve with the volume turned way up to his personality, Dwayne Johnson is The Rock, he just turns his volume on his personality way up. In this case, that’s why me and Bobby work so well together because the dynamic, Bobby is a man of few words and I always got something to say.”

At WrestleMania 37, Bobby Lashley retained his WWE Championship against former champion Drew McIntyre with manager MVP by his side. MVP spoke about the rain delay for the show and how a missing piece of his attire almost caused a disaster for him. He said he lost his cane and was looking for it backstage until he finally found a backup cane.

“Fortunately the props crew found it,” MVP said. “When everything moved from Tropicana to Raymond James, some things got lost and one of my canes is still M.I.A. I’m not totally convinced that somebody didn’t steal it, it might be up in somebody’s home right now. Fortunately because I am MVP and I do take things with extra, the reason Bobby has me as his consigliere, I had a backup cane. I had two canes and one of them managed to make it to Gorilla.

“A lot of people don’t realize my knee is legitimately injured. That cane isn’t just for show, that cane replaced the crutch and I actually use it. I’m thinking like when I walk out, I need that cane so I don’t slip and tear my knee up even more.”

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