New Details On Incident That Led To buff Bagwell's Arrest This Past Weekend

Former WCW star Marcus "Buff" Bagwell was arrested this past Saturday after leaving the scene of an accident he was involved in.

As noted before, Bagwell was arrested on numerous charges by the Cobb County Police Department in Cobb County, Georgia this past Saturday at around 1:25pm, at the intersection of Bells Ferry Road and Santa Fe Trail. This is near where Bagwell lives in Woodstock, GA. He was booked into the jail at around 2:05pm, and then bonded out at around 9:15 that night. Bagwell received a $4,000 bond for five of the charges, and a $10,000 bond for the rest. After other fees, he was released to a company named A 2nd Chance Bail Bonds by paying bonds of $4,620.00 and $11,220.00.

In an update, we now know that Bagwell was driving his 2007 Saab when he struck another driver's 2006 Acura from behind at an intersection, according to PWInsider. Bagwell left the scene and kept driving. The other driver followed Bagwell for two miles until he finally stopped.

Police were called and when they arrived at 12:46pm, Bagwell "advised he was unable to stop because his vehicle was having battery issues."

Police then discovered that Bagwell had an outstanding warrant for his arrest, related to the August 2020 crash we've reported on. Bagwell was then taken into custody for the new charges from the hit & run.

Bagwell is currently scheduled to be in court on Thursday, July 22 for charges related to the August 2020 incident. He's then scheduled to be in court the very next day, in front of a different judge, for the charges he caught this past Saturday.

Bagwell was booked on the following charges, according to Cobb County jail records, for the most recent incident: Open Container Violation (misdemeanor), Hit & Run – Duty of Driver to Stop at or Return to Scene of Accident (misdemeanor), Giving False Name or Address or Birth Date to Law Enforcement Officer (misdemeanor), Following Too Closely (misdemeanor), License To Be Carried & Exhibited On Demand (misdemeanor).

Bagwell is also facing the following charges from the August 2020 incident, according to records: Driving Under the Influence of Drugs (misdemeanor), Speeding (misdemeanor), Hit & Run – Duty of Driver to Stop at or Return to Scene of Accident (three charges, misdemeanors), Duty Upon Striking a Fixed Object (misdemeanor), Failure to Yield When Entering Intersection (misdemeanor), Driving on the Wrong Side of the Roadway (misdemeanor), Following Too Closely (two charges, misdemeanors), Driving Within a Gore or Median or Emergency Lane (misdemeanor), Reckless Driving (misdemeanor).

We've noted how police announced last August that Bagwell was impaired by prescription medication during that crash. He suffered multiple injuries in the August 2020 incident, including broken ribs, a broken right hip, a broken left socket bone, a broken nose, and a torn right groin muscle.

Stay tuned for more on Bagwell. For those who missed it, below is Bagwell's mugshot from this past weekend, courtesy of The Georgia Gazette: