Nick Jackson, one-half of the AEW World Tag Team Champions The Young Bucks, took to Instagram to share that he is fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

While he shared that news, he also noted how people on the internet think that he and his brother are anti-vaxxers, COVID-19 deniers, Trump supporters, and birthers.

His full post was, “So blessed to be fully vaccinated! To think there’s actually people online that think were anti-vax/covid deniers/Trumpers/birthers!”

As noted, Nick was bedridden for nearly three weeks in September 2020, due to the coronavirus. In the past, he also called out “COVID Deniers.”

In January, he wrote on social media, “Crazy to think there’s still COVID deniers out there in the world. I had a pretty bad case of COVID in early September that kept me bed ridden for nearly 3 weeks. I couldn’t taste or smell for 2 and a half months. At one point my whole body had hives on it and my doctor said that it was definitely from COVID.”

Below is his Instagram post via Daily Wrestling News: