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– Backstage, Al Snow helps introduce the Kentucky Heavyweight Championship. A tournament is announced with 31 wrestlers. One wrestler will be announced soon, and one lucky fan can win $2500 if they correctly pick the winner of the tournament.

OVW Heavyweight Championship Match: Ca$h Flo (w/Josh Ashcraft) vs. Omar Amir

Flo and Amir size each other up as Amir tells Flo to bring it. Amir going for a few quick roll ups, but Flo kicks out and reaches the ropes reach time. Flo with a roll up while his feet are on the ropes, but the referee spots it right away. Amir now going on the offensive. Amir hits a huge T-Bone suplex! Amir driving Flo’s face on the turnbuckle multiple times. Flo and Amir now trading chops. Flo now working on Amir in the corner as they continue to trade chops, and Amir hits another T-Bone suplex sending him outside!

Flo using Ashcraft as a shield. Amir gets stunned as Ashcraft takes some extra shots as Flo takes the attention of the referee. Amir now grabbing Ashcraft’s collar as Flo looks for a chain punch, but the referee stops him. Amir hits a bodyslam as we cut to a break… Back from break and Amir is firing in chops in the corner. Flo responds with clubbing blows on Amir’s back. Flo now applying a chin lock as he has his knee on Amir’s back.

Amir fights out but eats a clothesline. Flo takes Amir to the corner and hits a big chop, but Amir responds with hitting his own strikes. Ashcraft distracts the referee allowing Flo to come in and blindside Amir. Flo now applying a head crank, but Amir trying to fight out of it. Flo charging in the corner, but Amir flips over Flo. Amir ducks a clothesline and hits a body shot. He blocks a punch and hits one of his own. Amir now fighting back.

Amir running the ropes and hits a diving clothesline as he pumps up the crowd. Amir nails the belly-to-belly suplex. Amir follows up with a clothesline, but Flo is still up, and Amir tries for another and sends Flo flying. Amir tries for Island Time, but Flo fights out and tags him with a chop. Ashcraft providing distract as Ashcraft throws in a chain, but it goes over Flo’s head and into Amir’s possession. Amir with the chain punch, cover and Amir wins!

Winner: Omar Amir

Post-match: The referee sees the chain and calls of the decision. While Amir is trying to plead his case to the referee, Flo produces his own chain and takes out Amir with his own chain punch, cover and Flo is the new OVW Heavyweight Champion!

Winner: Ca$h Flo

“Hollyhood” Haley J (w/Luscious Lawrence) vs. Zoey Skye

Haley J gets in Skye’s face and talks trash. Skye isn’t backing down and responds to Haley J’s forearm with a flurry of her own. She hits another forearm in the corner and follows with a running boot. Skye going up top, but Lawrence gets in the way. Haley J with a drop toehold in the corner followed up by a curb stomp on the bottom turnbuckle as Haley J and Lawrence share a kiss. Haley J and Skye trading strikes.

Skye fires in a flurry of forearms. Skye ducks a clothesline and applies a waistlock and releases and hits a big chop. Skye getting one over the champion as she goes up top and nails the crossbody, cover, but Haley J kicks out at two! Haley J ducks a kick and lands a combo of strikes, but Skye catches a kick, slams Haley J down and hits a big kick for another two count. Haley J holding onto the referee and catches Skye with a flatliner and applies her Cut Throat submission. Skye passes out.

Winner: “Hollyhood” Haley J

– Reverend Ronnie Roberts is out for another edition of “The Good Word”. Rev. Roberts announces he has entered himself in the Kentucky tournament. He welcomes his guest Arie Alexander. Rev. Roberts asks Alexander what it feels like to be the number one contender for the OVW Women’s Championship. Alexander is motivated for the fans and to prove herself to Haley J. Alexander calls out Shannon The Dude saying their match wasn’t really a match.

Shannon is not happy as he leaves commentary as Alexander continues to talk trash. Shannon notes their match was never a championship match and calls out the female referee in the match. He notes he’s the longest-reigning champion in OVW history including John Cena and Brock Lesnar. Shannon is announced for the Kentucky Championship tournament and his opponent is Big Rex.

– Tony Bizo’s celebrity manager calls out D’Mone Solavino and his manager.

OVW National Heavyweight Championship Match: Jesse Godderz (c) vs. AJZ

Godderz gets a quick takedown and tries to apply a Boston Crab. AJZ reverses into a small package and gets a two count! AJZ with another roll up, but Godderz quickly kicks out at paces himself. Godderz with a slam counter off the side headlock, and AJZ is sent outside. Godderz tries to go at AJZ, but AJZ evades. Godderz cuts off AJZ when he comes back in. AJZ counters Godderz in the corner with a sunset flip pin, but Godderz kicks out.

AJZ hits a running knee then a pop-up forearm. AJZ hits a springboard DDT, cover but only a two count. AJZ sends Godderz in the corner and hits a punch then he hits a neckbreaker for a two count. Godderz sends AJZ flying into the post as Godderz looks to wear down AJZ as we head into a break. Back from break and Godderz has a Boston Crab locked in. AJZ trying to reach for the ropes, and he does! Godderz tries to keep the hold in, but AJZ hangs onto the ropes. Godderz re-applies the hold and gets in locked in and blows a kiss to the camera.

AJZ powers out of the hold and sends Godderz down face first. AJZ slams Godderz down face first, and he locks in his own Boston Crab! Godderz fights out of the hold and reaches the ropes. AJZ looking for the TKO as Godderz rakes AJZ’s eyes. AJZ trying to get the ref’s attention about the eye rake as Godderz maintains a waistlock, and AJZ low blows Godderz! AJZ springboards in, but Godderz counters with a Code Breaker in mid-air! Godderz hits a spear and crawls over for a cover and wins.

Winner: Jesse Godderz

– Post-match: Godderz given a mic. He says people were still cheering him even after every AJZ pin. He says no one still cares about AJZ. He says he’s tired of losers. “You don’t pay for my Ferrari payment. You don’t pay for my private jet… I’m the face of OVW. I’m Jesse Two Belts.” He admits he thought he would shake AJZ’s hand after the match, but “I was gravely mistaken.”