One of Us: Rob Corddry on Acting Alongside The Rock, Hosting WWE RAW and Top Gear America

Rob Corddry is an Emmy Award-winning actor and comedian who loves to have a good time. This proves true while hanging out with fellow car offienado Dax Sheppard and automotive expert Jethro Bovington as they push fast and slick vehicles to the limit on Top Gear America, which returns with new episodes starting May 7 on the MotorTrend App.


"Top Gear the british version was successful because of the three original hosts. It's a hard formula to follow, so we decided not to follow it. Except the one thing that made the show successful was the camaraderie between the hosts. It was the three of us that picked up on that. We became friends from our first day. We were fast friends.

"It was one of those things where we felt like we were friends forever. We just did something insane yesterday, but I felt safe because of those two. Those guys have way more experience than I do. I am not pretending being scared when I am scared on that show. Yesterday it was probably the most frightening thing we have done. Those guys were nervous, which is really saying something. And we got through it. I felt 20-feet tall, and it's because of them."


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Of course, Corddry is known for a number of other shows from The Daily Show to the critically acclaimed Childrens Hospital to Unicorn. He was also part of a winning tag team with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson on the HBO hit Ballers. Corddry played Joe Krutel, financial advisor, to Johnson's retired NFL football star turned financial manager Spencer Strasmore.

"He is truly a larger than life character, not just in size," Corddry said, of the five seasons working on the show with the Hollywood heavyweight. "It was an experience I will cherish for the rest of my life. We used to talk about everything between scenes. Something we always talked about was wrestling. I was always impressed by how much he still, [despite] being the biggest star in the world, had an affinity and love for wrestling.

"We'd have five days off. I'd be like, "Why do we have so much time off?" They're like, "Oh, he is going to wrestle."God bless him. Then he'd come back and say, "I've broken my somehting or other." He would hurt something and say he would never wrestle again. Then a year later next season, one of his guys would be like, "He is talking about wrestling again." He could never get away from it. He loves it so much. He'll be back."


The star isn't sure we'll see the duo reunite for a revival down the road, but he is open to the opportunity down the line.

" It happened with Entourage. Ballers is half of the same producers. The success of that movie, I don't know, excludes that possibility, but I wish," he said. "I had such a good time shooting that show and playing that character that was such a jackass and so fun to play. I just sort of doubt it will happen for self protection. Thinking it might never happens. Then when it does it's like, "Of course, it happened.'"

Corddry's pro wrestling street cred extends further than just acting alongside The Rock. He also guest hosted an episode of Raw, and not just any one. It was the Monday night show after WrestleMania 26 in Phoenix. Corddry was joined live by his Hot Tub Time Machine costar and WWE superfan Clark Duke.

"It was insane," Corddry said, looking back more than 10 years ago. "I was a big wrestling fan when I was a kid. We used to make our own belts and go down to a school gym on a Saturday somehow. I don't know who broke in, but one of the future criminals I hung out with in Boston. There was a big portion of my life where I didn't have a TV and everything I love just sort of fell by the waist side."

Rob Corddry

Photo Credit: WWE

Corddry gained a newfound respect for pro wrestlers seeing the WWE machine at work. Even if the live crowd didn't respond too fondly to his appearance.

"I had heard this that wrestlers are the nicest guys in the world. I could not have been more impressed. They were so impeccably dressed. Like an NBA team travels, they were all in suits. They were so polite and welcoming. I felt on top of the world," he said.

"Then I walked out on that stage with Clark. We had rehearsed and knew what we were going to say. There was a crowd of thousands who just started booing you. I thought, "Oh my God. I'm the heel. How did I not know this?" I thought I was walking in the hero and now I'm getting booed. I forgot what I said. It was something like, "Shut up!" I had to get in the mode. Clark was a huge fan and tried to compute in his head. He had blanked. We worked it out though and had a great time. I wish someone would have prepared me."

New episodes of Top Gear America drop Fridays starting May 7 on MotorTrend App. You can find the full audio and video from Rob's interview below: