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– Bryan Kennison & Shannon The Dude welcomes us to another episode of OVW TV.

Brandon Espinosa vs. Ryan Howe

Espinosa goes on the offensive after a Howe guitar solo. Espinosa going at Howe hard with clobbering blows. Howe tries slowing things down as he tries to apply a hammerlock. Espinosa escapes and goes back at Howe. Howe builds some distance with a jawbreaker, but Espinosa responds with a sliding lariat. Espinosa going at the face in a Camel Clutch position. Espinosa in full control, until Howe starts to get into a slug fest. Springboard crossbody from Howe as he show some life.

Howe hits a reverse DDT as he starts to feel the crowd, and he hits a diving fist. Espinosa reverses a neckbreaker but runs into an atomic drop. Howe hits a stomp. Howe on the middle rope, but Espinosa sweeps him off. Espinosa hits a Blue Thunder Bomb, cover, 1-2-no! Howe reverses a suplex and hits a Rude Awakening for the win.

Winner: Ryan Howe

– “Big Money” Dimes comes in to initiate his Super Heavyweight Open Challenge. Dimes puts over his protein shake. Dimes says he’s filled out his bracket for the KY Heavyweight Championship tournament with him winning. Dimes says before his first round match against Bishop, he needs a tune-up match.

He insults the announcers, except for Shannon The Dude, and calls in ring announcer Eric Cornish. Dimes asks to try on Cornish’s jacket. “It’s a little too small for me.” Dimes is going to announce his opponent, but he says “tonight is your night.”

Dimes vs. Eric Cornish

Dimes hits a cutter on Cornish. He instructs the referee to make the count, and she does.

Winner: Dimes

War Hoss vs. The Box Office Blondes

Adam Swayze and Crosshairs Kelly start things off as Kelly hits heavy shots. Pat the Bruiser tags in and continues to lay in the pressure. Swayze hits a chop, but Bruiser is unfazed and hits a chop of his own. Bruiser hits an elbow drop for a two count. Kelly tags in, and Bruiser bodyslams Kelly on Swayze! Co-Star Rex blind tags in as Kelly looks for a chokeslam. Rex runs through Kelly and hits a leg drop. Rex with a big punch.

Swayze tags in and hits a corner spear followed up by an elbow from Rex. Swayze with a kick off a snapmare, cover but only a two count. Rex tags in and hits a knee lift and whip Swayze into Kelly as Rex hits a lariat. Swayze tags in and hits an elbow drop. Swayze flexes, but Kelly catches him with a back suplex. Bruiser tags in and hits an series of axe smashes, takes out Rex then a spinebuster for a two count. War Hoss take Rex down with a double shoulder block. Bruiser hits a tilt-a-whirl slam, Kelly covers, but Rex breaks it up. Box Office Blondes hit a sidewalk slam / DDT combo for the win.

Winners: The Box Office Blondes

Drew Hernandez vs. AJ Kazana

Hernandez tries to intimidate Kazana, but Kazana is ready to go. The two reach an impasse off a few lock-up attempts. Hernandez with a boot to the gut then a side headlock. Kazana absorbs a shoulder tackle. Hernandez challenges Kazana to try to knock him down. Hernandez with a chop. Kazana blocks a hip toss and hits one of his own. Hernandez with an eye poke. Hernandez with a few shoulder tackles in the corner.

Hernandez with a strong Irish Whip in the corner. Kazana trying to fight back with a flurry of right hands, but Hernandez holding him off with a knee lift. Hernandez bounces off the ropes but runs into a spinebuster, cover but only a two count. Hernandez hits a spinebuster of his own! Hernandez in a three-point stance as he charges in with a shoulder block for a two count. Hernandez with a bodyslam then a kick to the back then an elbow drop for a two count.

Hernandez belittling Kazana. Kazana showing some fight. Kazana hits a series of lariats. Kazana hits a corner splash and goes on top of Hernandez and rains down punches. Hernandez picks him up and hits a powerbomb for the win.

Winner: Drew Hernandez

– Kennison interviews Shannon The Dude about his KY Heavyweight Title match, but Shannon is mad that his manager won’t be there. Kennison makes some match announcements for Defiance. Shannon laments his situation as Kennison states he will not be his manager.

– Tony Gunn comes to the ring with a mic. Gunn introduces himself. He asks, “Why in the hell is Kal Herro hired back with OVW?” Gunn is not happy to see Herro still at OVW as a concession guy. Herro isn’t there and Al Snow isn’t there. “Sounds like someone’s kissing the boss man’s ass. I will soon enough get my answer.” Gunn states that the KY Heavyweight Title is his.

Dustin Jackson vs. Mahabali Shera 

Jackson and Shera fighting for position on the lock up, but Shera pushes him down. Jackson gets a hold of Shera and hits Muay Thai knees. Shera tosses him aside, but Jackson catches him with an enzuigiri. Jackson going up top, but Shera catches him and hits one backbreaker and follows up with another. Shera and Jackson slugging it out as Jackson is on the apron. Shera takes him back into the ring and hits a suplex!

Jackson elevates over the corner but runs into a lariat. Shera hits another lariat then a bodyslam as Hernandez comes out with a mannequin torso. Shera continuing the pressure. Jackson with a jawbreaker as he looks for a comeback. Jackson going up top. Shera meets him and throws him across the ring! Hernandez comes up to the apron. Shera sets up Jackson for an elbow drop. He hits another and applies a chinlock.

Hernandez talking trash. Shera with a knee lift as Jackson tries to escape the hold. Jackson fighting out as his leg is caught. He misses an enzuigiri but hits a dropkick. Shera knocks him down with a boot. Hernandez gets back up on the apron as Shera tosses him in. Shera hits a powerbomb but gets caught with a Claymore kick, cover 1-2-no! Shera hits a sit-out bomb for the win.

Winner: Mahabali Shera 

– Kennison and Shannon go over the KY Heavyweight tournament as Kennison teases Shannon about his possible opponent in Shera as that closes another episode of OVW.