Paige posted a filtered photo of herself, which led some to believe that the former two-time WWE Divas Champion had plastic surgery.

The fake photo was intended to get people to check out her Twitch stream.

Some of the reactions she received were, “What the f--k is this, “It worked cause so many came in the stream,” Are you joking,” “I got legit scared,” and “Girl you are pretty and you always have been. You don’t need all this work but if you are happy. Then you are happy.”

Paige later responded to those who believed the photo was real and who left negative comments.

She wrote, “So many of you believed the filter pic below was real. You were all SO SO cruel I can’t believe how you treat people you don’t know… but also thanks for the content because I read all your dumb ass tweets out on my stream.”

Paige also tweeted, “I have secondhand embarrassment for so many of you.”

Below is the photo: