WWE legend John Cena is apparently happy to wear his Peacemaker outfit even on his day off from shooting.

On Friday, Suicide Squad director James Gunn shared a photo of Cena getting a cup of coffee in his Peacemaker costume. Gunn captioned the photo, “What’s weird is that this is on John’s day off.”

In his response, Cena said he was just breaking in the uniform before noting that it’s “quite difficult to shower in” the costume.

Cena wrote, “Why is that weird? Just breaking in the uniform. #Peacemaker PS, it’s quite difficult to shower in…but I manage.”

This is not the first instance of Cena being spotted off-set in his Peacemaker apparel. He was previously caught napping in the suit and wearing the Peacemaker costume in various interviews unrelated to the show.

Cena will portray the character of Peacemaker in Gunn’s version of The Suicide Squad and the subsequent Peacemaker series on HBO Max.

See below for Cena’s tweet: