PROGRESS Wrestling’s “Chapter 111: One Leg in the Air” was today, Saturday, May 22, 2021.

During the main event, Kanji defeated Gisele Shaw to become the new PROGRESS Women’s Champion. Past champions include Toni Storm, Jinny, Jordynne Grace, and Meiko Satomura.

It was available to stream on Peacock in the U.S. and the WWE Network everywhere else. Below are the results:

* Spike Trivet defeated Big Guns Joe

* Luke Jacobs vs. Chris Ridgeway ended in a No Contest after Warren Banks attacked Chris Ridgeway.

* Mercedez Blaze defeated Taonga

* 0121 (Dan Moloney & Man Like Dereiss) defeated The Sunshine Machine (TK Cooper & Chuck Mambo)

* Kid Lykos defeated Danny Black

* Elijah defeated Gene Munny

* Kid Lykos II defeated Ethan Allen and Cara Noir

* Kanji defeated Gisele Shaw (PROGRESS Women’s Championship Match)